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Mitt Romney promises no mass roundups of undocumented

Mitt Romney at Univision Encounter
Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, with journalists Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos, Univision news presenters at the first meeting held at the University of Miami on Wednesday.
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Dreamers protest Mitt Romney to visit in CA
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Meet the candidates Mitt Romney - This will be the discussion
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All set in Miami for meeting with Mitt Romney
VIDEO:  All set for meeting with Mitt Romney - Univision
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romney arizona
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Mitt Romney
PHOTOS:  Romney responded to the Hispanic community
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McCain spoke about immigration and said that to reach the White House, there will be no mass roundups

The Republican candidate for the U.S. presidency, Mitt Romney, on Wednesday responded to questions from members of the Univision Network on topics of interest to the Hispanic community. Romney participated in the first of two meetings with the candidates organized by the main chain of U.S. Hispanic television, event is moderated by journalist Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas, Univision news presenters. Encounter with Mitt Romney was developed at the BankUnited Center at the University of Miami and was broadcast live via Digital page and Univision page on Facebook. The Wednesday night will be broadcast on the Univision Network from 10PM (ET). both meetings can be viewed in Spanish and English on our web via streaming digital ( ) and our Facebook page ( / univisionnoticias ). Election fierce Republican candidate to the White House disputes the charge current president, Democratic candidate for re-election, Barack Obama. Both sides will meet at the polls next Tuesday November 6, in an election seen as the closest in the country's history. Former Massachusetts governor came to the meeting with Univision preceded by a controversy after the disclosure on Monday , of a secretly recorded video showing the candidate during a fundraising meeting held in mid-May and where comments on the profile of voters supporting Democratic rival. Asked about the video in question and in particular about giving up as lost the support of the 47 percent who favored Obama, Romney promised that, if elected, would be the president 100 percent of Americans, not just those who choose it. 's response drew applause from the assembly who attended the meeting, who included supporters invited to request Romney Republican campaign when the terms were agreed to participate in the debate. issue of migration to another question on immigration, Romney reiterated his support immigration stance legal and find a permanent solution to repair a system that, again, is broken. Without going into details, Romney said a project to promote permanent residence granted to illegal immigrants who serve in the Armed Forces or students earning a degree at an American university , but did not specifically mention what to do with the 11 million and undocumented, most of them from Latin America. response to a question by Jorge Ramos on his position to promote autodeportaciones plan (announced in January at the start of the Republican primary ), Romney said that if elected there will be no mass deportations of undocumented and insisted that immigration issues must be solved in a bipartisan way between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats also asked not to follow "politicizing" the issue. 's promise Obama Romney also criticized the promise made ​​by President Barack Obama in 2008, when he promised immigration reform in the first year of his term. Romney insisted that he will seek a permanent solution. President "Obama get much support from the Hispanic community because he was going to reform the immigration system, but never did," Romney said. He added: "It's time we stop politicking." Then mentioned that would change the system temporary work visas and insisted that undocumented youth who serve the United States Armed Fuezas "must be permanent residents." Campaign Obama's re-election-and the president-rejected Republican criticism and blame their opponents for not having supported any immigration reform bill in Congress in the last three years. In 2008 Obama gave immigration reform with a path to legalization for undocumented in the first year of his term. But the financial crisis, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and health care reform, among other issues of national importance portergaron commitment, although in the first two years in office the Democrats had a majority in the House of Representatives and 59 seats in the Senate, of the 60 that were needed to pass legislation. Several Democratic congressmen elected in areas and districts where voters oppose legalizing undocumented, did not support the president's initiative. Arizona law Romney also addressed SB1070 in Arizona and said he backed the mandatory inclusion of the federal E-Verify, which allows employers to verify the immigration status of their workers. Republican candidate again mentioned that the controversial Arizona law, whose most controversial Section 2B-empowering the police to ask for immigration papers, entered into force Yesterday, it was adopted by the Assembly because of government inaction on immigration, an argument that Republicans wield since 2009 to defend similar laws passed in other states, including Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas. Romney also spoke of economy , job creation (12 million over four years), said education and health reform repeal of President Obama, the Republicans call "Obamacare" and said that instead adopt a different model like the one enacted in Massachusetts when he served as governor of that state.Meetings Why encounters with candidates Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama were organized after the complaint filed in August by the Univision before the Commission on Presidential Debates, then that entity announced the three national debates scheduled for the weeks before the Nov. 6 election. Ramos, one of the most visible Hispanic figures of journalism in the United States, criticized that had not been included in any journalist or media Hispanic or African American, reported the Spanish Agency News. The questions posed by Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas Republican presidential candidate were sent by Internet users through Univision News page on Facebook, as well as students at the University of Miami who participated in the meeting. Prior to the event, Univision President Cesar Conde said in a statement that "Hispanics will play a key role in choosing the next president of the United States and these events will address key issues for more than 20 million Hispanics are expected to vote in these elections could make an informed decision " Election Coverage Univision News is covering the lead-up to the presidential elections of 2012 on all platforms, in Spanish and English. This includes and application Univision . Coverage is available in English .Award-winning Univision News division is committed to informing the segment fastest growing population in the United States through all media platforms, including television, radio and interactive media. The Hispanics have the most current and relevant content that impacts the community through 'Univision News', versions evening, night and weekend, the Sunday public affairs program and policy, 'Al Punto'; the news magazines 'Here and Now' and 'Primer Impacto', and news segments "Despierta America." Over the past year, Univision News team strengthened and expanded its operations with the creation of the Research Unit and Documentaries unit. If you want to get your questions to President Barack Obama, who will participate in the meeting this Thursday from 2:10 PM, make them come through Facebook: / univisionnoticias

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