Friday, September 21, 2012

Univision makes history with 'Meet the Candidates'

Students at the University of Miami say about Mitt Romney involvement

VIDEO:  UM students say about Mitt Romney - Univision
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Meet the candidates Mitt Romney
VIDEO:  Meet the candidates Mitt Romney - Univision
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Meet the candidates Mitt Romney - 'A nation in the wrong direction'
VIDEO:  Romney: A nation with equivocad course ... - Univision
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Meet the candidates Mitt Romney - 5-point Plan to create jobs
VIDEO:  5-point plan to create jobs Romney - Univision
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The 'Meet Barack Obama'

The Univision made ​​history this week staged encounters with the American presidential candidates: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Journalists moderated by Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos, presenters Univision News , both political answered questions about the economy, employment and migration, to name a few topics.
On Thursday September 20 Democratic candidate opened fire and current U.S. President, Barack Obama.
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During this meeting, l to journalist Maria Elena Salinas President Obama spoke about the protests that are taking place in Pakistan, where protesters tried to take over the facilities on Thursday, the U.S. embassy in Islamabad. Salinas asked the president if his government warned these security issues and if anticipated unrest in the Islamic world.
Obama said that, above all, his administration and the country were mourning the death of the Libyan capital in four U.S. officials, including Ambassador in Benghazi, Christopher Stevens, who died following an attack on the embassy.
Ramos asked the president if he recognized that there was fulfilled the commitment to the Hispanic community, to which Obama responded that when the promise was made ​​in May 2008, was before the economy went into meltdown, and that when he took command of the nation, the January 20, 2009, the picture was in a completely different country. 

"Our first priority was to avoid falling into a deep depression," said Obama. "We lost 800,000 jobs in the first month of my mandate" and said his administration had to take "a series of emergency measures to address the crisis," including helping people who were losing their jobs, their mortgages and save the automotive industry, among other measures.
When asked about the high number of deportations recorded during his tenure, (over 1 million in four years and with successive records since 2009) and delivery to foster homes over 5000 American children whose parents expelled, and if during his ad ministration extend the benefit of deferred action to help stop these family separations, Obama said his administration will continue to focus on those who pose a threat to national security.
The 'Meet Mitt Romney'
Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, the Republican, had its meeting on Wednesday 19 September.
You can find the videos:
Meeting with Mitt Romney - Spanish 
candidate Mitt Romney Meet - Inglés
The former Massachusetts governor arrived at the meeting with Univision preceded by a controversy after the release on Monday of a secretly recorded video showing the candidate at a meeting of revenue of funds held in mid-May and where comments on the profile of voters supporting Democratic rival.
Asked about the video in question and in particular for giving up as lost the support of the 47 percent who favored Obama, Romney promised that, if elected, would be the president 100 percent of Americans and not just those you choose. 
Without going into details, Romney mentioned a project that grants encourage permanent residency to undocumented serve in the Armed Forces or students earning a degree at an American university, but did not specifically mention what to do with the 11 million and undocumented, most of them from Latin America.
Both meetings were transmitted from the BankUnited Center at the University of Miami and were transmitted from the digital platforms of the U.S. network as well as from his Facebook page. 

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