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Obama: "My biggest failure was not making immigration reform"

Barack Obama
President Barack Obama with journalist Maria Elena Salinas at the Meet the Candidates organized by the Univision Network.
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Obama on Univision
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President hopes that will change the immigration laws for a second presidential term

President Barack Obama said Thursday his biggest failure, so far, has been that failure to achieve comprehensive immigration reform, "although it was not for lack of trying or desire to do so, and I am confident that we will succeed" . "I have not accomplished everything I wanted and so I am looking for a second term, because there is work to do. We can build on the progress achieved so far. Deferred action (temporary protection from deportation to the Dreamers) gives us the basis to do something for the dreamers and get comprehensive immigration reform, "Obama said at the end of" Meet the Candidates "organized and moderated by Univision News journalists Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas, Univision news presenters. Pressed by Ramos and Salinas around the unfulfilled promise, Obama said he is willing to take responsibility because it has fulfilled the promise of 2008, but said that perhaps sinned innocent by not suspect that Republican opposition to immigration reform that would block even by Republicans who promoted it. Obama reiterated, however, that if Latino voters and those who understand the need for immigration reform are felt strongly in the polls on November 6, that will generate pressure on Republicans to come to the negotiating table on migration "if it is not because they are convinced that it is right, whether by political interests they should do it." What do you think Encounter with President Barack Obama? Participate in the Forum Destination 2012 . JUST CAN NOT Regarding the broken promise, the president noted that "led the Executive Branch, not the Legislative or Judicial. We need cooperation to get things done. I am willing to take responsibility was not reached (immigration reform), but I said that would accomplish everything, 100%, when I was elected. What was promised that he would work hard everyday to ensure that all people in this country, regardless of who they are or where they come from, have an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. And I have kept that promise, "Obama said. deportations About the record beaten by his administration, Obama stressed that it is necessary to implement the laws and use the resources allocated by Congress for such purposes, but that his administration has focused on who pose a real threat to our security and measures were taken to prevent the Dreamers live under the shadow of deportation, including deferred action announced on 15 June. Obama reiterated that administrative action had no electoral motivations that followed personally know the stories of many of these young people. Regarding whether he would consider administrative measures similar to other immigrant groups, such as undocumented parents of citizen children before the Republican reluctance to collaborate to reform, Obama elaborated on how priorities have changed deportations under his administration. He added that "eventually have to change the laws to prevent some of the heartbreaking stories that occasionally arise." He reiterated that the contrasts between him and the Republican candidate Mitt Romney on migration can not be clearer starting with "my support Comprehensive immigration reform has not diminished ". "We urge the DREAM Act bill blocked by the GOP. We are confronted with a choice between two candidates. He who sits before you today is committed to comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act, has taken administrative measures to prevent the deportation of young and this contrasts with the other candidate (Romney) who says he will veto the DREAM Act, which does not knows what his immigration plan, which considers the Arizona SB 1070 a model for the nation, and it has been suggested that the central solution to immigration is the autodeportación "said Obama. Which polls say All opinion polls give Obama an overwhelming lead of more than 40 points over Romney in the preference of the Latino vote. In the 2008 general election Obama won 67% of the Latino vote on only 31% of the then Republican candidate John McCain. But while Obama enjoys the support of the Latino vote your challenge is to go out and vote in the numbers required to win in states vital to amass 270 electoral votes needed to guarantee their reelection. Factors that signal a lack of enthusiasm among Hispanic voters, among these, the bad economy where Latinos have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Likewise, on migration The 2008 campaign promise to push for comprehensive immigration reform in his first term he was to Obama in the pipeline and instead there was a resurgence of deportations increased following the extension of controversial programs of cooperation with state and local police, Secure Communities and 287 (g). Romney, in fact, trying to use the immigration unfulfilled promise against Obama, a strategy somewhat weak considering that the main opposition bloc to reform comes from Republicans. Likewise, in the past four years chose states push their own immigration laws generating fear among immigrant communities and resulting in legal battles in courts, including the Supreme Court of the nation. least Obama can demonstrate that his administration took steps to prevent states implement immigration laws that have the potential to violate civil and constitutional rights of people solely for their physical appearance. Following two years of resisting, the president finally announced deferred action. The measure, temporary, revocable, not replace the DREAM Act bill, which Obama supports that would provide a path to legalization for these young people. Maribel Hastings is executive adviser of America's Voice .

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