Sunday, March 17, 2013

A look at the new Ed Show

Ed Schultz closed his final weekday show on MSNBC Thursday night by thanking his viewers, his team, and his wife of 16 years for supporting him during his time as host of the 8 p.m. show.

Schultz said he looked forward to telling real American stories on MSNBC. “We’re going to build those hours to be the best hours in cable,” he said.

“This is what The Ed Show has always been about, this is what The Ed Show is always going to be about: the people on the road, the stories, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker—those middle-class Americans who are fighting for a fair share, and their dream, their piece of the pie of this great country,” he added.

Schultz encouraged viewers to continue watching The Ed Show in April when it moves to its new time from 5-7 p.m. on MSNBC weekends, and urged his audience to stick around for the 8 p.m. hour during the week to watch new primetime host, Chris Hayes, who Schultz called a “great, brilliant young talent.” Hayes’ new show will begin April 1.

TomBalmer commented

Great that you are going to be on the air on Sunday. I get off work at 5pm Sunday, and with a 50 mile drive home, XM Radio only has CNN and Faux News to bore me with. Maybe now, XM will actually broadcast your channel on Sunday evening. Please help them see the light.

Greg Maron commented

Ed, im sure Chris Hayes is a smarty pants and all but I will miss your style and genuineness. Liberals (and MSNBC) don't need more wonks. We need to speak to real people and motivate them. I'm really going to miss you and hope MSNBC leaders see the error of their ways. Enjoy the extra fishing! You deserve it. (free demographics- me, 43; wife who told me to write this, 35)

vet 2640 commented

"Big Ed", please dispell the rumers that you have been relegated to the "side lines", weekend shows etc, etc. how can "they" do this to a patriot for the working class!
Best wishes to you and your wife Wendy.
In any case, I will still be watching!

Darlyne Whaley replied

I agree your the your the first to go to for the truth. Will watch on
the week end. Love fishing for old walleye. I live by Erie.
A rich man will have the chance of a camel through a eye of a needle to go to Heaven.

Adahannah commented

I am dismayed that Ed is being sidelined. Sadly, I will be much less likely to tune into MSNBC in the evening.

daveydog4 commented

The Ed Schultz radio show lasted all but six months here locally and was repaced by Sean Hannity.  And I live in one of the biggest Democrat strongholds in the state.

mik-3022372 replied

If you have high-speed internet and a wireless router, buy yourself a WiFi radio and (along with about 16000 other radio stations around the world) you will be able to hear many of America's progressive stations almost at the touch of a button.  You don't need to boot up your computer.  We don't live anywhere near Chicago but we hear Ed crystal clear on WCPT and it doesn't cost a dime more for service than what we already pay for internet.

sheilanwp commented

Great to have you on weekends..I am looking forward to your shows on the problems that affect real people.There should be a lot of stories about the effects that this messed up economy and government has created upon the working people,seniors and the poor. I am a regular watcher of your shows and I am glad that you will be bringing something different to the weekends on MSNBC.  I will be watching you every weekend. 

Sheila Van Riper commented

Ed - we, progressive/liberal America love you and wish you well on your new weekend slot - please tell us the truth - was this your idea, or MSNBC's??  I HOPE THE FORMER!!  PRAYERS FOR WENDY, BY THE WAY - Ed - you are a true patriot with boots on the ground!

jpecorel commented

Ed, somehow I get the feeling there is more to this change than we are being told. However, if this is what you really want I wish you the best. You will be missed--at least during the week. See ya on the weekends.

figment- replied

In reply to: jpecorel #15
Actually - it allows him some free time, and first crack at responding to the lies and spin of those very few GOP folks willing to talk to America.  No longer will they have a chance to spew their crap for 24 hours (uncontested) before the opposing side can share a voice.
If he makes the "weekend twilight zone" a success - then MSNBC and he will be heroes filling a gap that has never been filled before except by the early Sunday shows when all them god fearing folks according to religious laws - must have their butts planted in a pew - then kneel, then stand, then sit, then stand, kneel, sit -  alomost like the only excercise they get all week.......

Eddie-Wilson replied

In reply to: Hopeless , At least Ed Shultz (isn't) a LAZY good-for-nothin' Loser like these Idiot's in the congress - You Know the ones that feel that they are priviledged and expect the American taxpayers to Give them whatever they Want , when they Want-it - you Know the Fools that have their hands-out Expecting to take a FREE-RIDE in America and Abroad ! Bunch of GoofBalls !

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