Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hurray the Senate did something the House could not.  HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

U.S. Senate approves #fiscalcliff bill 89-8. House takes action after noon today. 

8 strong Senators voting against #fiscalcliff Harkin, Carper, Lee, Paul, Shelby, Bennet, Grassley, Rubio. Thank U for standing on principle.  

3 senators did not vote on the #fiscalcliff bill: DeMint who retiring, Kirk who suffered stroke and Lautenberg. 

America, remember this MT @ddye022 Senators voting aganst #fiscalcliff deal Harkin, Carper, Lee, Paul, Shelby, Bennet, Grassley, 

The ball dropped and Congress dropped the ball all in one night how's that for a start to 2013! #newyears #fiscalcliff   

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