She's probably not telling these women about her plans for Social Security and Medicare.
Linda McMahon may have taken herself out of contention in Connecticut in the past week on the issues of Social Security and Medicare. It's was already looking as though she had topped out in the polls, and after this week, it's looking like she's hell bent on making herself very unpopular with nearly a third of the state's electorate: seniors.
After an old video of her declaring Social Security should be subject to a sunset surfaced, shedoubled down on the issue. While she's denying that she means what she's saying about Social Security, she's looking for a way to end the program.
Apparently, that's now the case with Medicare, too, with local news reporting that she told a crowd Thursday she was open to privatizing Medicare, using Paul Ryan's plan.
Indeed, her spokesperson basically confirmed that she'd be behindany proposal to end Medicare, saying, “Linda McMahon believes that all options should be on the table although she is not specifically supporting any of them.” She just says that she'd be willing to go along with Ryan's plan to privatize Medicare with vouchers. Apparently in McMahon-speak, going along with it is not the same thing as supporting it.
McMahon might have just conceded this election. Let's make sure of it.