Sunday, August 12, 2012

TODAY live-blogs the London Olympics closing ceremony

TODAY editors live-blogged the Olympics closing ceremony as it happened, curating the top tweets, Instagrams and Flickr photos.

2012 Summer Olympic Games

Our social media coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. Views from the athletes themselves and our coverage. Curated by various news teams: NBC's Owned Television Stations, NBC News social media team, editorial team and the NBC News desk in London.
  1. Sunday, Aug. 12: Closing ceremony

  2. As the games in London come to a close, we prepare for the next Summer Olympiad in 2016 in Rio. From all of us at NBC, thank you for following the story of social media throughout the 2012 Summer Olympics. See you in Sochi in 2014 and Rio in 2016!

  3. magaligorre
    The Olympic cauldron separates into 204 burning petals - one for each competing nation
  4. RealTimVine
    Just the best ever Olympics. I feel like i'm saying goodbye to a friend. #olympics
  5. Rebecca_Tunney
    So sad the olympics is all over:( been the best 2 weeks of my life!thanks to everyone alonge the way especially@claireduffy78 +my family:'(
  6. Olympics
    Final send off with the Who! #closingceremony
  7. JulianLennon
    Some Beautiful moments at the closing Ceremony of the Olympics... I must say, a few 'interesting' choices musically... ;) x

  8. shuvolleygb
    It's all winding down!!!! To take that!!! What a good song to finish!!!!
  9. TeamGB
    #ClosingCeremony A message of thanks from Lord Sebastian Coe. A thank you to the people. "We lit up the flame, we lit up the world".

  10. martynziegler
    The cauldron slowly descends as Take That take to the stage #paolympics
  11. London2012
    To all the Olympians who came to London to compete - thank you - we witnessed moments that will live long in the memory #ClosingCeremony
  12. DavidHasselhoff
    Goodnight to all the athletes at#Olympics who for 2 weeks showed us all what John Lennon sang"and the world will be as one" Peace on Earth
  13. London2012
    When our time came, Britain, we did it right. Thank you#ClosingCeremony #London2012
  14. emitchel09
    One Direction sing What Makes You Beautiful live at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic
  15. London2012
    The whole cast unites in an embrace in front of Rio's unique skyline, while the Rio 2016 logo appears on stage#ClosingCeremony

  1. AnnaBentleyGBR
    Look after it's the best thing ever!

  2. FashionweekNYC
    British Fashion: Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss are wearing @WorldMcQueen for the London 2012 Olympic Closing Ce
  3. Jessie J returned to the stage to perform Queen's classic "We Will Rock You."

  4. We will, we will, Rock You! #NBCOlympics #ClosingCeremony
  5. The show that never stops! Muse took the stage. 
  6. BeckAdlington
    Ahhh love this Muse song!!! Incredible!!! What an amazing closing ceremony/concert!!!!!! Amazing!!
  7. Back behind the scenes

  8. ChayLapin
    @bearmann4 We're going out for the grand finale look for us! Sneakin back stage! #openingCeremonies#OpeningCeremony

  9. The crowd singing along to musical performances ofGreat Britain's Top musical artists at the The London 2012 Olympic Games #ClosingCeremony
  10. swimhardy
    And yes I'm tweeting from opening ceremonies. Just gave my mom a shoutout on NBC, hope she sees it!
  11. From one 90's favorite to another, Oasis entered the stage with their smash hit "Wonderwall."

  12. Olympics
    Spice girls out and on to Oasis "Wonderwall" with Liam Gallagher
  13. The moment so many were waiting for - Spice Girls! Olympians went wild for their performance of the 90's hit "Spice Up Your Life."

  14. BBCNews
    Spice Girls make a dazzling entrance to#closingceremony - in five London taxi cabs.
  15. ManteoMitchell
    Spice Girls. Still got a crush on Sporty lol.

  1. ManteoMitchell
    Ok all of them. No lie. Lol
  2. anastasure
    I honestly am going to die happier now that the#SPICEGIRLS have played at #LONDON2012 ... Dreams do come true!!! HAHA
  3. swimhardy
    The spice girls just made my Olympics complete! I just geeked out so bad being 5ft away while they sang!!

  4. USOlympic
    A London party would not be complete without a Spice Girls performance! ZIG-a-ZIG-ah for #TeamUSA!

  5. The stadium just erupted with the arrival of The Spice Girls #nbcolympics #closingceremony
  6. Jessie J, Tinie Tempah and Taoi Cruz took the stage and performed their biggest hits.

  7. lorinalovesdemi
    Watching @jessiej @taiocruz @tinietempah <3 a="a" href="" rel="external" style="color: #333333; text-decoration: none;" target="_blank" title="Search for this hashtag on">#ClosingCeremony

  • The performance torch was then passed to Fatboy Slim who performed on a gigantic octopus.

  • Fatboy Slim #nbcolympics #closingceremony
  • Russell Brand rode into the stadium atop a colorful bus as Willy Wonka and broke into a stellar performance of "I Am The Walrus" by The Beatles.

  • Russel Brand performing "I Am The Walrus" #london2012 #closingceremony

  • USOlympic
    Russell Brand, entering as Willy Wonka, just introduced Fatboy Slim. #London2012 shakin' it down now!!

  • Olympics
    Russell Brand hands it off to Fat Boy Slim in a giant octopus #rockafellerskank
  • There was more than just music in this show. A tight rope walker stunned onlookers - including an Olympian platform diver!

  • NickMcCrory1
    Tightrope walker!! And I thought 10 meter was high..#ClosingCeremony
  • Annie Lenox brought the house down with her performance of "Little Bird." She entered the stadium aboard a ship.

  • marypilon
    Annie Lennox on a Viking ship. Only she could really pull that off.

  • Annie Lennox! #nbcolympics #closingceremony

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