Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 Summer Olympic Games Page 2

  1. GiaanRooney
    Annie Lennox commands the stage, in a ghost ship!
  2. The Kaiser Chief's kept the British hits coming with a cover of The Who's "Pinball Wizard." Check out the lights in the stadium!

  3. LewisJohnsonMG
    Pinball Wizard. Lots of British hits!
  4. London2012
    There are 70,900 pixel panels in total in the Stadium with 640,000 pixels, allowing graphics to be shown#ClosingCeremony

  5. Pinball Wizard, The WHO! #NBCOlympics #closingceremony
  6. The crowd went wild for George Michael and his performance of "Freedom"
  7. London2012
    We welcome GeorgeMichael (@GeorgeMichael) to perform his hits ‘Freedom ‘90’ & ‘White Light’, an ode to endurance & survival #ClosingCeremony
  8. destineehooker
    George Michael is in the building!!! #havingablast

  9. Freedom! #NBCOlympics #ClosingCeremony
  10. John Lennon's classic "Imagine" played in a tribute to the late Beatle.

  11. Olympics
    Building john lennon's face while playing "Imagine"#closingceremony
  12. Best seat in the house: Olympians sent their photos from the floor of the stadium
  13. London2012
    Olympic athletes walk past the spectators in the Olympic Stadium crowd and down to the field of play!#ClosingCeremony
  14. Bird's eye view: The view from above isn't half bad either. You can almost hear London calling!

  15. London2012
    Pic: Aerial view of the spectacular red, white and blue Olympic Stadium field of play
  16. London2012
    Every Olympic nation is represented in flags & the LSO are performing ‘Parade of Nations’ written by David Arnold for the #ClosingCeremony

  17. LewisJohnsonMG
    Parade of flags representing all nations that competed in the 30th Olympiad.
  18. Team USA Flag Bearer Bryshon Nellum. Twitter was abuzz with his inspirational story.
  19. USC_Athletics
    USC's @BNELLUM1, who came back from gunshot wounds to his legs to win silver, will carry the flag for the USA in the closing ceremonies.

  1. AnummmB
    US flagbearer is 400m runner Bryshon Nellum. 4 years ago he was shot in leg & told he'd never run again. He won silver. #ClosingCeremony
  2. alanabrahamson
    The US flag-bearer is Bryshon Nellum. He was shot in LA, near USC, and recovered to not only run but win silver in 4x400 relay.
  3. Kiratiana
    The story of @bnellum1 is inspiring Shows that w/determination U can do anything and no 1 can take away dream #closingceremony #kiralympics
  4. AmIBoojie2You
    @BNELLUM1 has made it official! There is NO reason that u should not be able to go for ur dreams. Now this man is an #Inspiration

  5. dyschick
    Bryshon Nellum. Very

  6. Olympics's Twitter Photo
  7. Fans were a bit confused at The Dark Knight's appearance during the opening of the show.
  8. The New York Times answered fans on Twitter with this YouTube video from the British sitcom "Only Fools and Horses."
  9. Only Fools and Horses - Batman and robin
  10. "Directioners" went crazy for British boy band One Direction's performance of "What Makes You Beautiful."

  11. Wheres1D
    Funny GIF of Harry - Olympics Closing
  12. andreaariza98
  13. brendupoledri
    @onedirection guys im seriously SO PROUD of you, u mean EVRYTHING n u wre PERFECT in the OG,please know that i exisist n u ve change my life
  14. lilian_evee
    @onedirection OHH MMYY GGOOD this was their biggest audience and they absolutely SMASHED it!!#ProudOfOurBoys :'D :'D
  15. 1Derful_Boricua
    @onedirection Gave Me A Mini Heart Attack! The Boys Looked & Sounded Amazing ! & That's What Makes You Beautiful Xx . ! #ClosingCeremony
  16. Alice_Wardle_xx
    @onedirection OMG OMG OMG CAN'T BELIVE YOU WERE AT THE CLOSING CEREMONY!!!!!!! I was singing along all the time!!!!!! #Proud !!!! Xxxxxxxxxx
  17. The London production of Stomp gave a performance unlike any other
  18. RebeccaLemonB
    Closing ceremony: Stomp were amazing, I want to see more of them!
  19. Aviva1789
    #closingceremony that Stomp stuff was AMAZING!

  1. Closing ceremony peek: What will happen at tonight's closing ceremony? Tweets and Instagrams give us the inside scoop!

  2. SonaliShah
    Thousands of athletes are now outside the Olympic stadium waiting to join the party:#ClosingCeremony2012

  3. 1dhits_
    The boys backstage at the

  4. Welcome to the closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics! Wooohoo!

  5. A look inside the Olympic Stadium before the Closing Ceremony. #NBCOlympics

  6. So this is happening! Closing Ceremonies to spice up your life. #olympics #london2012 #theeye #gherkin #london #olympicpark #closingceremony

  7. The sun setting on this final day of the Olympic Games. #NBCOlympics #OlympicMemory

  8. arissaw
    “Yunie108: omg guys pic of Spice Girls rehearsing 'Wannabe' for the olympics closing ceremony!!

  9. youDUDEzayn
    One Direction rehearsing for the closing ceremony of the Olympics tonight:

  10. ideefineme
    "@USOlympic : Olympic Stadium ready for closing ceremony!#Soproud!

  11. TafoyaNBCSports
    Peek at Closing Ceremony prop. Motorcycle wrapped in newspaper? Take a look. @NBCSports @NBCOlympics@London2012

  12. Crowds ready to enter the Olympic Stadium for tonight's Closing Ceremony. #NBCOlympics

  13. FiveStarABC
    At the closing ceremony, the place looks great. The Grand Finale tonight is THE WHO #MyGeneration#Mods

  14. NThanendra
    Time to see the Olympics out in style. Closing ceremony baby !!!! #London2012

  15. FrenchYumMummy
    Sneak Preview of Olympic Park Before closing Ceremony...#IWASTHERE

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