Friday, July 20, 2012

Bouncing baby giraffe already stands 6 feet tall

Dublin Zoo
This adorable giraffe calf was born at the Dublin Zoo on June 27 and could grow up to weigh over 400 pounds.
Talk about a big baby! The Dublin Zoo is welcoming their newest addition this week, a female Rothschild giraffe calf who already towers over the savanna at six feet tall!
Born at the end of June, this "little" girl has already joined her herd at the zoo, but still hasn't been given a name as yet. Zookeepers are asking the public to submit suggestions based on the giraffe’s African origin.

Dublin Zoo
This calf is the second born to her mother Maeve, who also has a two-year-old calf named Arria.
According to a press release from the zoo, this calf belongs to the most threatened of the nine giraffe sub-species. There are currently fewer than 700 Rothschild giraffes living in the wild, making this young female a very welcome arrival at the zoo.
If you want to suggest a name for this adorable calf, you can submit your idea on the Dublin Zoo Facebook page and at the Learning & Discovery Centre at the zoo in person.

"She is very confident for her age, as most calves would not join the herd until a week after they are born, however she has integrated very well," Helen Clarke-Bennet, team leader of the African Plains at the Dublin Zoo, said in the press release.

Zookeepers offered tips to the public on names they would be interested in, stating in the press release: "We like names that are original, based on the animal's country of origin and [that] tell us something about the newborn."

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