Monday, April 1, 2013

I have been procrastinating all day long, trying to tell all of my followers that this is the last entry of 'politics - what I see and what I do not understand.' I have been doing this for four years and have loved every minute of the experience. I am by all accounts, immersed in my blogging until all else around me does not exist. I have done this every day from the time I get up till I go to bed. 

My family, whom I love, they do not understand my passion nor do they share it. They have expressed their concern that I do not spend time with them, that I am married to my computer, I have fights with the television, yell at Congress when I watch cspan, and lately have been depressed and stressed out to the max. I confess to all of their complaints and to being stress depressed out. My doctor got involved about two weeks ago when it had gotten to the point that I had crashed and burned.   Doctors have great little pills, that make you calm and start acting normal, if anyone knows what normal is. And it is not so radical for people to take medication for all sorts of malaise.As my doctor put it at least I came in[even though pushed], that is to my credit.

I KNOW TMI [too much information], but I have been honest in my blogging, and I am going to be honest about why I am ceasing this blog.

I am taking a sabbatical, I am going to Miami in May and spend several months lying in the sun, riding bikes, taking long walks and clearing my head. who knows I might be back. I have grandchildren and a great grand baby, it is time for me to spend time with them.  I have three grandsons in Miami, and three grand-daughters in Pa.

I am not giving up blogging, just changing directions. My next great adventure will be 'My personal journey through the Bible.'  Not as stressful, and it will be a learning adventure. And you can follow along with me. I hope that you do, again I thank you for allowing me to educate you and more important me.
And this is not April Fools.

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