Friday, March 8, 2013

She's not even a candidate, but Republicans just can't quit attacking Ashley Judd

by Laura Clawson
FRI MAR 08, 2013 AT 09:02 AM PST


Ashley Judd still isn't running for Senate in Kentucky, but Republicans are attacking her yet again, telegraphing just how worried they are for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. In the latest hit, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is out with a web ad and emailquestioning Judd's Kentucky residency.

The email, which masquerades as a Democratic fundraising effort for Judd, cites places where she has lived or spent significant time outside of Kentucky—but it crosses a line when, after describing her as living in Tennessee, it ends "Go Vols." Judd is widely known to be a staunch University of Kentucky basketball fan, and there.

Judd has already taken incoming from Karl Rove's American Crossroads and has been the subject of a Republican poll testing messages against her such as that "she describes herself as a radical and has pledged to support President Obama." Then, of course, the Daily Callerwent after her for having done topless scenes. In short, if Republicans aren't positively terrified of an Ashley Judd candidacy, they're just doing a really good job demonstrating their commitment to attacking any woman who even dips her toe into the shallow end of politics.

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