Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Many Americans are aware that George W. Bush has had the worst job creation record since the government began tracking these figures in 1939. But Bush's colossal failure to manage the economy overshadows a much larger story.

The record shows two unmistakable patterns:
  1. Every time a Republican succeeds a Democrat in the White House, the job creation rate plummets.
  2. Every time a Democrat succeeds a Republican in the White House, the job growth rate soars. Every time! No exceptions!

Considering the steady growth in population of the United States during this time frame the job creation rate should steadily increase each month (currently it must grow by 128,000 per month to keep up with population growth). This trend only manifests itself when examining Democratic administrations:

Listed below is the average job growth increase for all terms served:

 By: mike kohr Graphics by: Bonny Kohr

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