Thursday, February 7, 2013

Was NRA Leader Wayne LaPierre Deferred from Vietnam Due to a Nervous Disorder? 2

This image came across Facebook the other day, and I think it definitely helps explain LaPierre’s nutty actions. Unfortunately, there is no source reference given in this image. But hey, the wonderful thing about the internet is a simple search. So off to Google I go. But what I found completely shocked me…. I found almost nothing.  

le pierre mentally ill 

According to a few comments I found, LaPierre apparently pulled lottery #97 in 1969 as a campus radical at SUNY-Albany, but weaseled out by getting a family doctor to claim he had a nervous disorder. (According to a comment in a Snopes’ thread.)
The most information I could find was an article published online by The Miami Herald on July 25, 2012, called “The door has been slammed on gun debate.” That’s it. A few comment threads from people hearing about this info and looking for some sort of verification. Snopes just recently added this to their site as “Undetermined” probably due to that Snopes’ comment thread mentioned above asking if LePierre did receive this deferment.
Now, think about this…. With gun control and the mass shootings being the prime topic in the news for months now, and LePierre’s insane press release he gave after the Newtown massacre, something like this should be nearly viral by now on the internet. Even if this is not true, it’s juicy gossip. Hundreds of sites and blogs would pick this up and run like the wind with it. The Miami Herald article should have set this tidbit on fire, but it didn’t.
About a week ago is when I saw this graphic and started looking for more information. I searched through Google’s search engine, Duck Duck Go, and Bing. A lotta nada. More came up about Romney and Vietnam than did about LaPierre and ‘Nam. The internet is clean of this rumor, but that in-and-of-itself is more suspicious than if there were hundreds of articles online.
Too clean.
Personally, I think LaPierre isn’t playing with a full deck, and if information like this is true, it would potentially be very damaging to LePierre’s reputation. Not that myself and millions of others hold his reputation in high regard anyway. From LaPierre’s point of view, though, a fact like this is something he definitely would not want the public to know….
So I have to wonder if the NRA has done some house-cleaning on the internet….
It is just too clean.
But it does explain a lot about this man….

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