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Beyonce's halftime show criticized for risque costumes, content

I find it sorta sad, that at this time, in our so called musical history, people are complaining of costumes and gyrating on stage. Where were these one million moms when MTV, VH1, FUSE came into being. They started it by showing videos in the eighties I would not let my girls growing up watch. Now they have reality shows that make having a baby somewhat entertaining, while also showing the hardships and reality of single parenthood at such a young age. Then there is Jersey Shore, and I don't know how many others, these are not appropriate TV for impressionistic young adolescents. Most of what was shown in the half time show, is already shown on these so called music channels, and then there is the language used. I do not even listen to the radio, I am not a prude not at my age, but there are certain boundaries that have been broken long be4 Beyonce got on that stage last night. One million moms should have been shocked years ago, what are they going to do now, it is part of the youth culture and trying to dismantle it now would just be ridiculous. As was mentioned in the article the cheerleading costumes(uniforms) are as outrageous as the leather ones. And to be perfectly candid, how do some moms let their teenage girls go to school, go shopping, dating, in the cloths I see them in. Where has decency gone, where are the parents who are suppose to teach modesty(regard for
decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc.) propriety(The state or quality of conforming to conventionally accepted standards of behavior or morals.)morals(of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong; ethical: moral attitudes.) to the next generation. be4 you point a finger at Beyonce take a look around at what is happening all around us. Beyonce is not the problem.....Personally, I wish  I could wear that outfit. 
She brought the house down -- and some joked, took out the power. Superstar Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show dazzled the crowd even before the singer reunited onstage with her hit 1990s R&B group, Destiny's Child.

The Superdome audience went wild for Beyonce's halftime performance, which included a reunion with her 1990s R&B group, Destiny's Child. But not everyone felt that the show, which included Beyonce in a low-cut leather outfit and some sexual innuendo, was family-friendly enough for the biggest football game of the year.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images
Beyonce's sexy performance at the Super Bowl was criticized by some who feel the game should offer family entertainment.

Some viewers who commented on the TODAY Entertainment Facebook page liked the high-energy performance, but many noted that it was hardly G-rated.

Maggie Harris Tome wrote, " I would love a Destiny's Child reunion, but felt Beyonce was over the top trampy. I was embarrassed to watch it with my 9 year old son."

Snarked Timothy A. Dixon, "The only thing that was missing was a brass pole and a bouncer that threw out the person who touched her when she was gyrating on the edge of the stage."

The leather outfits, worn not just by Beyonce but by Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland as well as Beyonce's back-up dancers, came in for a good deal of criticism.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

"You can have clothes on, and still perform well!" wrote Mary-Jane Schips.

Reader Amber Dawn Burton defended the costumes, writing, "Fierce, energetic, tight choreography. Great to see Destiny's Child on stage again together. As for the negative comment about the costumes: ironic given the cheerleading costumes in the NFL are pretty much the same level of coverage. Women who fall into the patriarchal "family show" BS sadden me. You feed the machine."

But some viewers were already imagining how the performance would have played with the group who protested Ellen DeGeneres' recent JC Penney commercial.

"Give it up for Destiny's Child, y'all!" Beyonce called to the screaming audience as Williams and Rowland appeared.

Rowland, Williams and Beyonce performed "Bootylicious" and "Independent Women," which were huge Destiny's Child hits, and then Williams and Rowland joined Beyonce for her crowd-pleasing solo hit, "Single Ladies."

Destiny's Child, founded in 1990, sold more than 500 million records. The group broke up in 2006, with all members pursuing solo careers, Beyonce becoming the most successful.

Gerald Herbert / AP
Beyonce performs with Kelly Rowland, left, and Michelle Williams, right, of Destiny's Child, during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Shortly after the game resumed after the halftime show, part of the lights went out at the Superdome, leading to plenty of online jokes that it was Beyonce's powerful performance that caused the problem.

"Superdome couldn't handle #Beyonce ... Lights out!" tweeted journalist Paula Froelich.

"Can't they just play the game by the light of Beyonce's radiance?" tweeted former "Mystery Science Theater 3000" cast member Josh Weinstein.

Wrote Twitter user Jessica Lauren, "This half time show is going to give One Million Moms a stroke ... hopefully."
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