Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Randi Weingarten @rweingarten
Relieved House passed Senate Bill-shldnt wait until last minute tho-Can't continue 2 have every issue reach precipice of disaster b4 action 

GOP infighting again, woo! RT : Boehner, Ryan: yes. Rubio, Cantor: no. Very interesting.

President Obama will react to the House vote at 11:20 p.m. in the Brady Briefing Room.

Bill is passing. One consequence: Boehner's Rs will be out for blood with the next debt-ceiling fight.

RT : Paul Ryan voted yes? Hell just froze over
Tonight’s bipartisan vote is a victory for the middle class. Also a victory for President and VP who kept their promise to American people.

Vote Breakdown: Yeas -> 85 GOP, 172 Dems. Nays -> 151 GOP, 16 Dems. Total 257 Yeas/167 Nays.  
House approves sweeping tax deal
House votes to block salary hike for federal workers, members of Congress

Reluctantly voted no on . Needed to do more to prioritize middle, working class. Had some good but not enough.

At 11:20pm ET, President Obama will deliver a statement from the Briefing Room. Watch live:
House passes fiscal cliff bill
RIP - The Failed Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich 2001 - 2013.
Boehner aide on vote, "Yes vote was important bc it was best deal cld get and takes the tax issue off the table."

An Array of Sweeteners in Senate's Fiscal Deal
FreedomWorks against Senate deal

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