Monday, December 3, 2012

Tarpley Report

America Joins the Fight Against Austerity!

The proceedings of the public meeting for a "United Front Against Austerity" in NYC exceeded expectations of all concerned, in what was an electrifying event from beginning to end, birthing in essence a new political reality and movement in this nation against the very threat to our existence posed by the specter of austerity.

We are joining together not only to say “no” to austerity, but to provide a means where by people across this nation can express and advocate their inherent leadership to advocate such solutions to deal with the crisis.

We invoke the Constitutional covenant that whereas our government is to “promote the general welfare,” all calls for austerity are inherently opposed to this mission of the nation.

Through debate and discussion a call for a 1% Tax on Wall Street Transactions and to Federalize the Federal Reserve were recognized as indispensable foundation for a platform to deal with the crisis.
The 1% Wall Street Sales Tax is our leading-edge demand. This is absolutely vital, as such a tax not only taps a vast, untapped resource of revenue, but will also greatly restrain the predatory financial speculation that is responsible for the world economic and financial crisis. Our government needs revenue to fully fund and expand social obligations, necessities and opportunities to better our population's positive potential.
It is our second demand, to Federalize the Federal Reserve, that will begin the process of moving from our era of emergency and austerity to one of growth and development. Only by seizing our national power to create and direct long-term credit can we secure a future for a real economy based on physical production, and a population with the economic opportunity to prosper, create and share a sense of optimism about our national destiny.
With the power to finance infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture and other areas of production, we can achieve full employment for our impoverished urban and rural areas, and more productive employment for all people. We have urgent needs, such as the infrastructure deficit that has been painfully demonstrated in the wake of devastating storm Sandy, that can only be met by long-term national credit.
Yes, we can change our destiny. We are not limited by a lack of resources or ideas, but a lack of political power. The oligarchy representing a fraction of the 1% have sold our jobs to the lowest bidder, looted our futures, plunged our country into a state of permanent war and turned our democracy into a dictatorship. We can reverse this process, but we must work together.
Our conference was blessed by a number of historically important speakers, including 101 year old Amelia Boynton Robinson, one of the true heroines of the Civil Rights Movement. As Dr. King affirmed in his last days, our common cause is not any false “communitarian” ideal like those offered to us by today’s Wall Street Democrats, but for the genuine economic rights that unite working people of all races, cultures and creeds. The fight against austerity across this nation has the potential to ignite the spirit of courage, love, truth, justice and self respect that we will need to topple the oligarchs from their high perches and restore a government of, by and for the people. Austerity is not thrift, nor conservative, but is an affront to the spirit this of nation; against Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, that which we affirm.
The participants of the October 27 UFAA Public Assembly were greeted by a vivid rainbow reigning overhead in lower Manhattan that day, affirming to those looking for a sign that we can indeed see our way through this crisis.
Much work needs to be done, but this is what we must and will do. In solidarity with those in Greece, Spain, the UK, South Africa and other battlegrounds in the fight against austerity, we in America say NO, and we offer a way out. We say YES to rebuilding this nation, YES to honest work, YES to justice, and YES to the individual human spirit that brings each of us together to bring from this crisis “a more perfect union.”
Bruce Marshall
Moderator and participant

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