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OUCH! My Vagina!
This is my second big babies posting. 
I adore babies, I am expecting my first great grand baby, anytime. He will be a blessing from God.  His name will be Kooper Allen Rauch .
This is my Grand daughter Andi Renee. 38 weeks
Photo: two weeks and two days left. <3
i really wish i could evict your ass right noww.

Oh Baby! Chinese Mom Wang Yujuan Gives Birth To 15 Pound Boy
February 8, 2012

In future years, when he's all grown up, we hope "little" Chun Chun remembers to be extra nice to his mother on her birthday, and Mother's Day, and, well, pretty much every day of the year. Weighing in at 15.5 pounds, the boy may be the heaviest baby in the country's history.
Chun Chun's mother, 29-year-old Wang Yujuan, remarked that had she sensed something was going to be a little different about Chun Chun, who arrived via cesarean section in China's Henan Province, even before he was born.
Chun Chun's father told the Sun that he is thrilled to have a dragon baby, especially "such a big, fat son." Chun Chun is thought to be the heaviest baby in the country's history, but only just barely. In recent years, three babies weighing 15.4 pounds were born in China.

Woman gives birth to 13-pound baby
Apr 24, 2012

An Iowa woman has given birth to a boy weighing 13 pounds and 13 ounces — without the aid of surgery. Asher Stewardson was born Thursday at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, measuring 23 ½ inches long. Fifteen months ago, his brother, Judah, arrived weighing 12 pounds and an ounce at birth. (AP)
Yes that’s right, without any sort of medication!
Stewardson told News 8 that she couldn’t talk about the birth of baby Asher because "It wouldn't be TV appropriate," she joked.   Baby Asher was 9 days late and was 23.5 inches long. His older brother family Judah weighed 12 lbs., 1 oz. when he was born. Both Stewardson and her husband Joshua were born weighing more than 10 lbs.
Asher sets a record at Mercy, but falls about a pound short of the state record. The largest Iowa baby on record was born in Johnson County in 1980 weighing in at 14 lbs., 13 oz..
Congrats to the new parents!

Big, big baby boy born

(CBS/AP) SAN DIEGO - Doctors told Cynthia Sigler she'd give birth to a big baby boy. But the Southern California woman didn't know just how big they were talking.  Sigler, of Vista, Calif., gave birth Thursday to her son Jayden who weighed in at 13 pounds, 14 ounces.
The North County Times reported Saturday that his mom's immediate reaction following the cesarean section was, "How'd he fit?
Dr. Jerald White, who delivered the baby at Tri-City Medical Center, said Jayden was the biggest of the 20,000 newborns he has helped usher into the world since he started practicing in 1961. 
Sigler said her own family didn't believe her at first - she convinced her cousin it wasn't a joke only after showing a photo of the scale readout.
Jayden's birth weight is almost twice that of his sister, Jailyn, now 2 1/2. She was 7 pounds, 2 ounces at birth.
Sigler said she'll have to exchange all the baby clothes she bought for larger sizes.
A hospital official was unable to immediately determine Friday whether Jayden was the largest baby ever delivered there. It was also not clear where the newborn ranks among the largest babies also born in San Diego County.

 THIS is Niamh, Britain’s biggest baby girl

20th February 2012

— weighing 14lbs 4oz. 
She was nearly DOUBLE the average UK girl’s weight of 7lbs 4oz when born by caesarean.   She smashed the 12lbs 12oz of Suzie Devendale, who we revealed last week as possibly Britain’s heaviest baby girl.
Niamh’s dad Sean O’Halloran, 34, said: “We were told to expect her to be 10 to 11lbs. When she got weighed, I thought ‘bloody hell’. Everyone was shocked. She was off the charts.”
Mum Elaine Martin, 32, who gave birth at Ipswich hospital, said: “When I was pregnant, I didn’t notice Niamh was so big until colleagues said I was huge.”

Delivering a big bundle of joy at Holy Family Hospital.

Posted: Feb 06, 2011 11:10 AM EST 
Feb 7, 2011 – 1:51 PM

A 13-pound baby has been born in a Massachusetts hospital, shocking nurses and doctors and charming family members with his chubby, chubby cheeks.
Meet Jonathan Patrick Rozzi was born healthy, rosy-cheeked and nearly twice the size of an average newborn. He weighed in at 13 pounds, 2 ounces, and measured 22 inches long.
After only four hours of labor and 10 minutes of pushing, first-time mom Amanda Byron, 21, delivered Jonathan naturally on Thursday, something she says surprised her doctors.

That's my boy!

Last updated at 22:00 12 January 2007

A baby boy weighing 15lb 9oz has set a Polish weight record for new-borns.
 Kacper weighed 15lb 9oz
Big Baby
Kacper Skuski, who is 26 inches long, came into the world in the city of Szczecin via Caesarian section as doctors wanted to spare his 45-year-old mother Bozensa Skulsa undue labour with her fourth child. Her other three children were all normal weight at birth.
Babies weighing more than 11lb were already a rarity in Poland, and those over 13 lb were considered a phenomenon, according to Ewa Helwich, a leading health official specialising in births. Almost all births around the world are in the weight range of 7-9 lb.

Giant baby who weighed 6.4 kg

A baby who weighed 6.4 kilograms (14.10 lb) and measured more than 55 centimeters (1.8 ft), was born in Cancún.
His parents call him “Super Toño”. Antonio Vasconcelos -the baby- gained 200 grams in the first three days.
The mother of Antonio, Teresa Alejandra Cruz, of 23 years, is probably diabetic, because seven years ago this woman gave birth to a baby that weighed 5,2 kilograms

Sydney's biggest baby

THEY aren't the words most new mothers want to hear but the doctor couldn't help himself. 

Baby Tiarla
Bundle of joy ... Allecia and Sami Klimo with their two week old baby girl Tiarla Klimo, and kids Leua 7, Myka 2,and Marleya 3 / Pic: Craig Greenhill Source: The Daily Telegraph
 "He looked down at her and said, "Congratulations, you've just had a toddler'," Allecia Klimo said with a laugh, The Daily Telegraph reported.
Not-so-little Tiarla Elekana broke all the records when she was born weighing 6.85kg - just shy of 15 pounds - at Blacktown Hospital a fortnight ago.
NSW Health confirmed she is the biggest baby born in the state in the past 10 years and one of the biggest ever in Australia. And Tiarla arrived two weeks early.
"I just don't want to think how big she could have been if she had arrived on her due date," Ms Klimo said.
Ms Klimo and partner Sami Elekana knew their fourth child would be "a whopper" but she surpassed everyone's expectations.
"I used to hear people whispering, 'Do you think she's having twins' or 'She must be about ready to pop' when I still had a few months to go," Ms Klimo said.
Tiarla bypassed newborn clothing and nappies, starting in sizes made for six-month-olds. After being delivered by caesarean section, Tiarla spent a few days in the neonatal special care unit with breathing difficulties because of her size - and even that was a tight fit.
"She was touching both ends of the crib," Ms Klimo said.
While many big babies stem from their mother suffering diabetes while pregnant, Ms Klimo said that was not the case with her. She just "breeds them big".
"My partner is a big unit, my sister had big babies, so we just have them big in our family," she said. Sydney obstetrician Caroline Jones said babies were generally getting bigger.
"The average size of a baby born today compared with, say, 50 years ago is quite a bit bigger. Lifestyle and diet are part of it, but of course genetics are too," Dr Jones said.
Ms Klimo is confident her baby girl will grow into her skin and won't always stand out in a crowd.
"My other kids filled out nicely - I've just got a lot of her to cuddle in the meantime," she laughed

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