Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am Back!

We moved so I was without my computer or internet since last Friday. When all hell broke loose.  When 20 precious babies were violently cut down for no reason what so ever, by a madman deranged in the head, who actually shot his mother in the face while she looked at him.  The cry that was heard around the. They want assault weapons banned, large clips banned, stricter background checks.
I wrote an editorial piece in my blog after the Aurora, Co mass shooting, and I have a link to it here Gun Control blog post 7/21.

Robert  my daughters husband, who I really call my son, Bob, made a suggestion which I thought interesting.  Some States have a mandatory three day waiting period. He suggested a six month waiting period, and during that wait that they have to undergo psychological therapy, to make sure that the person is mentally equipped to handle the responsibility of owning a weapon.

Also no concealed weapon permits, somehow I do not like the idea that people can carry a gun anywhere.

My uncle Paul was a gun collector, a hunter, a responsible parent, an uncle to be proud of. He taught me how to shoot, I was 12, and I ended up on my ass. It was a rifle, simple, no fancy anything, I placed it against my shoulder, looked down that long barrel to the thingy on the end, my uncle cocked the firing pin. He told me to hold it steady and gently pull the trigger, and do not close my eyes. BAM, the sound for a 12 yr old was loud, and my ears were ringing, my shoulder hurt, and I was sitting on the ground, sorta laughing.

I did not fire a gun again until I was in College in 1970.  My best friend Bill was a South Miami Policeman, trained in firearms, of course, he took me and his girlfriend, Cindy,  to a firing range and we got to practice shoot with hand guns and ear muffs.  I do not know what kind of gun it was, it was very loud, had a kick to it, and it was different than my experience with the rifle. But I never had the urge to own one, still do not.

I understand the hunters, I understand the gun for protection, I understand collectors, they take care of their guns, they are responsible, they are safety  freaks, they lock their guns, collectors have gun cases, to show off their collection.

I just do not understand why normal people who do not need more than one gun in a household, has three, four, and possibly a rifle or two. Children pick up petty looking guns, that are not secured, and some have pulled the trigger, and have killed or maimed their siblings or friends, then they have to live with that for the rest of their lives.  Parents ought to be charged with something, at least with not securing their firearm, or child neglect, child endangerment, and they should do the time. I do not know what else to say, I wish I could twitch my nose like Samantha Stevens, and get rid of all the guns. Except for those carried by policemen, the military, secret service.   

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