Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Most Badass Tumbleweed I've Ever Seen

Mischa Nachtigal
Nov 21 2012
Massoud Hassani was smuggled out of Afghanistan when he was 14-years-old. Watch his story about returning to Kabul and putting his product design skills to work to build a tool for cheaply surveying and raising awareness about the hundreds of thousands of land mines still hidden in Afghanistan.

There's No Amount Of Pot You Could Smoke That Would Lead To This Big Of A Policy Reversal

Max Slavkin
Nov 16 2012

Back in the 2008 presidential primary, then-Sen. Obama made an awful lotta sense talking about medical marijuana. In the last four years, however, despite statements like these, his Justice Department has escalated raids of dispensaries that were legal under state law. Now that both Colorado and Washington have voted to legalize marijuana, Obama is going to have to act, and we can only hope he listens to himself.

This DEA Agent Was Told Not To Enforce Drug Laws In White Areas. Yes, Really.
Mansur Gidfar
Nov 15 2012

Don't believe there's a racial element to the War on Drugs? As a former U.S. marshal and special agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency, Matthew Fog witnessed the astonishing inequity of the War on Drugs firsthand. This is his story.

Soledad Fact-Checks A Congressman Live On The Air, Accidentally Ends Up In A 'Who's On First' Sketch
Adam Mordecai
Nov 20 2012

The White House is floating Susan Rice as a potential secretary of state. In a interview about Benghazi, their opponents thought it would be good to start vilifying her now, using Rep. Joe Heck as their cudgel. Soledad O'Brien seemed to be of the belief that Susan Rice should get a fair hearing. So she decided to ask actual questions rather than let pundits be pundits. It's quite enjoyable. If all journalists reacted like her on TV, Washington might actually get some stuff done.

At 1:00, the congressman starts attacking. At 1:30, Soledad brings up a very reasonable point. At 2:12, Who is on first. At 2:47, What is on second. At 3:20, I Don't Know is on third. And Soledad asks for backup because she's so confused by his completely irrational arguments.

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