Friday, November 2, 2012

She shares my sentiment, the election season is far 2 long. The idea of nearly twenty debates to help pick a candidate, the primary election spread over a year is ridiculous. We need to change it. Revamp and streamline the process.  There should be a time limit, a different kind of brain-storming.

What I would like to see is  a primary season like that of the general election,  instead of the states vying for who should vote first, take the regions of the united states northeast, southeast, east central, mid-west, central, north central, south central, northwest, southwest, west central, or if that is 2 much do the primary by time zones.  All states in the zones vote at one time.  Then that would eliminate the elongated schedule.

Debates should be limited to three, just like the presidential debates.  That should give all participants enough airtime to say their peace.  The presidential debates should focus on economy and jobs,  foreign policy, and national security.  The vice presidential debate should focus on topics the VP candidate should know and have say so on.

The amount of money spent has got to be controlled, limits, especially all donors donating over what is allowed by ordinary citizens.  There has to be transparency for all donors. Published for everyone to see, especially corporate sponsors, the 2%, and any donors who might slip under the radar from other countries(who are not allowed).  We need to get rid of the super pacs, and if we can't then they need to be regulated, have limits to how much can be donated and by whom.

Election ads for either tv or internet need to be limited and budgeted. We as citizens need to step up and make them hear our voices, personally I am tried of all the garbage that is spread out there. They are totally out of control, and at a certain point, pointless, too many at anyone time.  And they get to be ridiculous, slanderous, and some lie.  I am still working the bugs out as far as how to weigh the balance of how much should be spent by each candidate. And the super pacs definitely limited to what amount they can spend on ads. If anyone reads this and would like to put a comment here with some suggestions. I will gladly update and post all suggestions. 

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