Monday, November 5, 2012

First polls open in 15 hours. 

  This is my opinion and it is with an open mind and palpitating heart whether Obama gets re-elected, or Romney gets to be the next president.  I will grit my teeth and dive into my blog with all the focus and love for my country that I have.

  I have been covering the Chronicling of Mitt's Mendacity, since the beginning. It has been eye opening. It has been awe inspiring.  I still find it hard to imagine that people would want an habitual liar as their President.  Tomorrow will tell that tail.  I am scared, I am constantly sick, there are times I can not eat, without barfing everything up. This man as our President, is frightening, I do not want this liar, this provocateur of the wealthy, the man, the republicans, who would take away women's rights and hand them to big government and the companies we work for to give us our health care.

  I worry about the debt and what Romney's plan will do to what we owe, I wish Obama had given more facts, more cohesiveness to his plan. The idea that Romney would, take Obamacare away from Americans, when it has not been totally implemented, and leave millions without health care, and he has no plans to do health care. Medicaid, medicare, Social Security, Food stamps, He plans to dismantle, block grant back to the states, voucherize, make market accounts tied to Wall Street, where people could lose everything. 

  I know that these have to be changed, streamlined, so that they will be available for future generations, I get that. I know that President Obama has tried to take these on and Democrats and Republicans have stepped in the way, and they all know they will have to compromise, a give and take, so lean across the aisle and shake hands and listen to each other and your constituents, because they are the ones that voted you in and they can vote your ass out. 

  Open your minds, open your hearts, turn up your hearing aides, and listen to what people have to say, their ideas, because somewhere there is an answer for both parties and the American people.      

  I sit here and think about what our world will be like if things go the Republicans way tomorrow, I am only one person, my daughter and son in law have several times threatened to cut me off from my political news, and that is because I get so fired up and do not take care of myself, they worry about me and keep telling me it is what it is and to stop killing myself.  I keep hoping I make a difference, even to one other person. I have been doing this blog since 2009, I missed the first several months, cause I hadn't really thought of following politics, news, current events.

   I will keep on following even if tomorrow at least for me turns out so very wrong, because I love this country, I still have high hopes for the people of this country, I will be following tomorrow very carefully, because I know there will be people trying to stop the vote, scaring people enough to get them not to vote.  New York and New Jersey, Connecticut, who will be voting in the most despicable conditions, they will be emailing votes, faxing votes, provisional ballots, and absentee ballots. They have had to move voting places around because of Sandy. Some of those votes, ballots may take up to ten days to be counted.  

   I am hoping that everything will turn out good, no problems, no hassles,  that all Americans will be able to vote tomorrow, no matter how late voting places might be open. I will be voting tomorrow, in Pennsylvania, where there is no early voting, and where there has been republicans who have tried to make voting harder for latino's, poor, blacks, and single women. 

  They say that conservatives are strongly saying Romney will win tomorrow, that the polls are 'biased' that they should show double digits for Romney, what some are worried about is if Romney loses, what is going to happen with conservatives, voting rigged, voting fraud, to court! -  to stop this skullduggery. Will it look like 2000 all over again.   Will the republicans yell foul! will the democrats yell foul! It will be an interesting next couple of days, or maybe weeks.  

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