Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WATCH: Eddie Huang Kills A Fluffy White Rabbit On New Vice Show (GRAPHIC) if a queezy stomach, don't watch.

It gets dark quickly in part one of the first episode of Fresh Off The Boat. Apparently, this is not the show where Eddie Huang eats street food, gets drunk and plays underground hip-hop with a bunch of tattooed cooks. This is the show where he has an existential crisis over a rabbit whose skin is being peeled off like a condom.
It was funnier when Huang and the crew of his VICE show were chanting “Kill Whitey!” (“Whitey” being the name of the rabbit that they select for slaughter at an Oakland shooting range with the East Bay Rats, of course. Huang’s not race-baiting on this show.) Heck, he loved making fun of “mouthbreathing” hipsters shooting guns. But when Huang is confronted with the sight of the rabbit, squirming helplessly under the knee of its butcher, bleeding out the neck, he’s repulsed — surprising himself.
“We knew for weeks that we were gonna come and watch Trevor [Latham] either shoot a rabbit, or slaughter a rabbit,” he mused in the car to the camera. “And still, our crew was not emotionally prepared for it and did not know how they were going to feel…we’re so cut off from the images of slaughter.”

What Eddie says in the car at the end of the video, is something we really should be thinking about.

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