Sunday, October 21, 2012

There are 16 days 0 hours till we elect a new President, whether we keep our present President or elect Mitt Romney as President. 

I still have more confidence in President Obama, I would just like for him to lay out an agenda for the next four years.  He stands for equal rights for everybody, not just the top 2%. 

Romney has a skewed view of the rest of the country, he has changed his view too many times and I do not know which one he would hold in the White House. He says he is for 100% of the country but that statement he made about 47% of this admirable, great, democratic country still burns in my mind.  

When you think of Romney's so called income tax reduction, not knowing which deductions he would recommend keeping, doing away with, reducing, or how much we will be able to take, he has thrown out 15,000; 20,000; 25,000; He says he will close loopholes that provide the rich bigger deductions. But will that disappear once he is elected especially if Republicans retain the House. 

His math does not make sense at least to me, 20% across the board tax reduction? of increasing the debt Renewing the Bush tax cuts? Deductions how much and which ones? Increasing the DOD by 2 trillion?

And he accuses the President of taking the U.S. to 20 trillion in the next 4 years? His mathematics are terrible and he should most assuredly go back to grade school, because he flunked the course. He has no proof, but he loves to tell tales out of mid air.  He's so good at it, like all the lies that he tells and flips on it. According to the Chronicling Mitts Mendacity for the last oh I think 33 weeks he has told approximately 533 whoppers.  And there are people out there who believe in him and will vote for him.  That scares me even more.  And makes me fear for my country, the United States, what will become of her?

The Foreign Policy debate tomorrow night will tell me alot about Romey's stance on what he thinks is America's.  future, will we be a strong country with the capacity to talk things out or just go to war to prove how we should be feared. Romney has plenty to prove to make me think that it will be the later with him. He has made it clear that he wants to make us the strongest military country so that all others will fear us and know we are 'boss'.

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