Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Romney Economy Part 2: Sensata shuts down plant in panic!

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Photo courtesy of the brave Sensata workers at Bainport.
The Sensata plant at Freeport Illinois shut down early today, closing the plant for the entire weekend, barricading the entrances and telling 2nd shift workers not to report. They’re doing this out of panic. What are they afraid of?

That’s right – they’re afraid of The Ed Show! That would be MSNBC’s Ed Shultz, who does an hour long show from 5PM-6Pm Arizona time on MSNBC. And tonight he’s broadcasting his show live from Bainport, the tent city Sensata workers have set up across the road from the Sensata factory. Panic!!! Ed Shultz is coming to Freeport! Send the workers home and barricade  the entrances! He might try to come over and ask us some questions, questions we don’t want to answer. Questions like since you sell your sensors to GM & Chrysler and subsidiaries of Siemens, who sells them to Japanese car makers with assembly factories in the US, why are you moving your operation to China, thousands of miles away, even though you claim it’s to be “closer” to your customers? It couldn’t be because even though the Freeport factory set profit records last year with American workers, you think you can make even more profits paying Chinese workers 99 cents an hour? To hell with American workers, to hell with the economic devastation your plant closure will have on the community of Freeport – cheap Chinese workers = even more profit. Our investors will be able to build an elevator for their cars!
The Sensata Freeport factory is now scheduled to close November 5 – the day before the election. On election day Sensata workers will go cast their ballots, and then go file for unemployment compensation, many for the first time in their life – unless we, the American people can get them to stop it! Go to and sign their petition. Write your Congress and Senate representatives.  And watch the Ed Show tonight, at 5PM Arizona time, for the real story of what’s happening at Sensata Freeport/Bainport.
The Romney Economy – all our manufacturing jobs outsourced to China, while we all work at Walmart or McDonalds. Sensata is owned by Bain Capital – Mitt Romney could stop this plant closing tomorrow if he really wanted to “stand up to China” like he claims.

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