Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The choice we face

Dear Dorothy,

Never in my lifetime has my vote -- and your vote -- been more powerful than it is this year.

You and I have the choice between President Obama, who signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act as his very first bill, and Mitt Romney, who can't even say whether he would have signed it into law.

We have the choice between President Obama, who believes women should be able to make our own decisions about our health care, and Mitt Romney, whose party platform -- which was written at the direction of his campaign -- includes a plank supporting a constitutional amendment to ban abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. He would turn women's health decisions over to our bosses, and let them deny employees access to contraception. 

And we have the choice between someone who is working to make sure women can afford health care for ourselves and our families and someone who has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Day One.

Any one of these basic facts would be reason enough to vote -- and there are dozens more. 

The truth is that Mitt Romney is the candidate representing the backlash against all the social justice and environmental gains that we've made. The question is only this: Will the majority vote? Or will too many fall for the propaganda that our voices don't matter?

Take a look at this video to hear from a few of the women who are standing with President Obama this November -- then share it with your friends and family.

Video: Women's Voices - Join Women for Obama

You and I hold the key to this election.

Whether we want to control our own bodies, or we want equal respect and pay for equal work, one thing has always been true: Change isn't about party labels, and it doesn't happen from the top down. Like a tree, real and lasting change grows from the ground up.

So watch this video, then pass it on. It's up to us to vote for our own dignity, our own rights, and our own future:

We are half this country. Every issue in this election is a women's issue. Our country and our future depend on you and me.

With friendship,


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