Sunday, October 21, 2012

Representative John Lewis Latest Politician To Go ‘Gangnam Style’ [Video]

Posted: October 20, 2012
Representative John Lewis Dances Gangnam Style
Democratic Representative John Lewis is the latest politician to go “Gangnam Style,” though this time it is a part of a campaign video instead of enjoying a day celebrating South Korea.

The parody lasts less than a minute, and is geared towards voting, with the three dancers pausing for a second, leaning toward the camera, and saying “voting Gangnam style,” before continuing to dance to the music.The latest Gangnam Style video parody opens with three members of hip-hop dancing group Innonim dancin in front of a building,
 reports The Daily Mail. One of the dancers even sports a suit much like the one Korean pop star PSY wore in the original video.
Then, the three Innonim dancers go inside, where they are helped in the dance by Representative John Lewis, who copies the dancers in PSY’s horse-riding move with his arms crossed in front of him, then waves an arm over his head like a cowboy.
Other members of Lewis’s campaign also join in, as they dance together and chant “vote, vote, vote!” Finally, Lewis turns to the camera and says, “vote, vote, vote Gangnam style!”
The Atlanta Journal Constitution notes that PSY’s original Gangnam Style video has garnered more than 500 million views since it was first posted to YouTube.
The video was put together by Asian American Legal Advocacy Center in Atlanta, Georgia as a way to urge people to register and vote. Some of the settings include the state Capitol building and the Martin Luther King Jr. silhouette on Freedom Parkway.
Check out the video below to see Representative John Lewis dance Gangnam Style to get out the vote.

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