Sunday, October 21, 2012

Obama Shares Vision for Second Term on 'Daily Show'
'The stakes in this election are really big,' president says

Exclusive - Barack Obama Extended Interview Pt. 1

In this exclusive, unedited interview, President Obama defends his record, explains his first debate performance, and lays out his vision for a second term.


President Barack Obama visited The Daily Show last night for an interview that touched on his first debate performance and his vision for a second term. Obama started by giving a shoutout to "women warriors" that the USO had brought to the show, before jumping into the presidential debates. After host Jon Stewart asked if Obama performed as well as he'd liked, the president played it cool and honest.

Condescent of a Woman

Samantha Bee confirms that women dislike it when people argue on television and suggests measures to make the debates more palatable to female voters.

"Obviously, I had a bad night, and the presentation wasn't what it needed to be. But the issues haven't changed," the president said. "And that is the stakes in this election are really big. Gov. Romney makes a good presentation, but the fundamentals of what he's calling for are the same policies that got us into this mess that we've been fighting against for the last four years."
Obama also talked about his vision for a second term. "I do think part of the president's job is not only moving forward on things that will work, but also preventing things that won't work," he said. "So I think you want a president in the Oval Office who's going to say, 'No, we're not going to amend our Constitution for the first time to restrict rights for gay and lesbian couples. We're not going to pass a budget where all the work that we've done to make college more affordable to young people gets wiped aside so that suddenly lenders and bankers are getting tens of millions of dollars. We're not going to rollback health care so that millions of people are thrown out to [the] wolves. We're not going to turn medicare into a voucher system.'"
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Barack Obama Pt. 2

President Barack Obama admits that Joe Biden looks pretty good in a bathing suit and explains the continuation of Bush-era wiretapping practices.

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