Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Live updates on Sandy

  1.  Final update, 11:55 p.m. ET, Tuesday  Hurricane and then Superstorm Sandy delivered devastation to 20 states, stretching from New England to Tennessee. Our blog monitored updates from before the storm made landfall to end of day Tuesday. Read back through the posts to see how conditions developed and changed as the storm progressed.

    Here's how New York's skyline looks the night after Sandy. Photo credit: Anthony Quintano

  2. New York City skyline the night after Hurricane Sandy
  3. New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority released this video of the flooding in the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel (formerly the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel). The depth of the water is astonishing. 

  4. MTA Video Release: Hurricane Sandy - Hugh L. Carey/Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Damage
  5. The NYPD has posted a Facebook memorial for Officer Artur Kasprzak, 28, who died helping family on Staten Island during the storm. Writes the NYPD, "As flood water surged into the house, Officer Kasprzak was able to get six adults and a 15-month-old boy into his attic to escape the rapidly rising water." The officer died when he left them to go check the basement

  6. We mourn the death of Officer Artur Kasprzak ...
  7. Russ Paulsen of the American Red Cross offers tips on how to safely return home after the storm. If you're standing in water inside your home, don't touch anything that might have power -- don't even open your refrigerator.

  8. Tips on Returning Home After a Disaster
  9. Most of New York's bridges are open, but it may take a while for the tunnels to reopen. Here are specifics.
  10. Time-lapse of Manhattan from Sunday through Tuesday as seen from the top of the New York Times building. Amazing colors, amazing changes.
  11. Taken earlier today by TIME Magazine's Ed Kashi. Atlantic City, the day after the storm.

  12. #atlanticcity is a ghost town the day after #hurricane #sandy hit this #newjersey landmark with her full fury. @edkashi @viiphoto #viiphoto #documentary #photography #photojournalism
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  13. A light in the darkness.

  14. Empire State beacon. I can't believe what is seeing. Total darkness. #NYC #Sandy
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  15. A rare site from earlier in the day Tuesday: A line at a pay phone.
  16. Watch NBC's special report on the storm live online.
  17. "My husband just paid off a 30-year mortgage in September," she told TODAY.
  18. Four minutes of raw, silent video shows the devastation at the Jersey Shore.
  19. Trio of grim images from historic Old Town Alexandria, Va.
  20. Tune in to NBC at 10 p.m. for an update from Queens, where fire destroyed at least 80 homes.

  21. hodakotb
    Tonight we are in queens where water wasn't the problem.. Fire was. @datelinenbc
  22. Police in Pennsylvania say a 90-year-old woman died after using a portable gas-powered generator when her power went out in the storm.
  23. A grim discovery on the New Haven Green in Connecticut: Skeletal remains, exposed by a Sandy-toppled tree.
  24. Residents of Old Saybrook, Conn., spent the year rebuilding from Hurricane Irene, only to face fire and flooding from Sandy. Now on to recovery.
  25. Dr. Sanjay Gupta tweeted this picture of NICU nurses who helped evacuate babies in New York after both main power and a backup generator went out. "Their smiles say it all," Gupta tweeted.

  26. these nicu nurses didn't sleep, and didn't go home. their smiles say it all. the babies transported during #Sandy are all doing well. @mountsinainyc
  27. "The sun'll come out tomorrow..." Broadway performers gathered Tuesday in Times Square to sing the "Annie" classic "Tomorrow" to lift their spirits, and those of stranded tourists. According to Broadway World, word was spread via Facebook. "Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow ... there'll be sun."

  28. Tomorrow - Post Hurricane Sandy.
  29. Even the dead can't rest.
  30. Despite all the shocking images and sad news, the heroes of this storm give us hope in tough times. 
  31. Want to help in New York City? Mayor Mike Bloomberg encouraged those who want to give of their time to register at the Facebook page for NYC Service.
  32. Most power outages in New Hampshire should be restored by the end of the week. Listen to Jim Van Dongen of the state's emergency operations center discuss conditions there.
  33. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie mourns the loss of his childhood memories.
  34. GovChristie
    The Jersey Shore of my youth is gone. #Sandy.
  35. GovChristie
    The rides I took my kids on this summer are in the Atlantic Ocean. #Sandy
  36. The staff of the New York Aquarium stayed throughout the flooding to keep their new 238-pound baby walrus safe.
  37. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave an update on the city's response to Sandy on Tuesday evening.
  38. antderosa
    AntDeRosa: "Mandatory evacuation for Zone A remains in effect" - @MikeBloomberg
  39. nytjim
    Bloomberg: "You're going to see a very heavy police presence" in areas darkened by Con Ed outages.
  40. Of the dangling crane in Midtown, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said on Tuesday that the city “feels very good” about its current status. When the wind dies down, he added, the city will “find a ways to pull it in.”
  41. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is warning constituents to beware of scam artists.
  42. NYGovCuomo
    Disaster survivors who are returning to their homes & are considering repairs-be aware of potential scams & fraudulent contractors. #Sandy
  43. Surreal photos and videos continue to come in showing the devastation from Sandy up and down the East Coast. 

  44. dk51
    #sandy nj #lavallette Lavallette Boro Hall and Police station on Rt 35 Lavallette this

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