Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Live updates on Sandy

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  1. BoxingInsider
    A nice chunk of the boardwalk washed up from the inlet on atlantic ave #sandy

  2. And here, amateur video of the boardwalk in Atlantic City in the midst of the storm

  4. The damage at the Hoboken, Secaucus and Newark Penn transit stations have sustained serious damage.

    #Hoboken, Secaucus & Newark Penn have sustained impacts due to flood waters

  6. DianeSawyer
    Shocking water level @ Path Station in downtown NYC. All this water stretching back about 5 mi to NJ.
  7. How bad did Sandy look from above? Here, a NASA satellite image from 6:02 am Tuesday as Sandy moves inland.
  8. NBCNews
    Amazing NASA satellite photo shows #Sandy moving inland Read

  9. A photo from @NBCNews
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  10. Air travel continues to be disrupted by Sandy. 
  11. tomcostellonbc
    LGA JFK EWR airports all closed after suffering damage. Serious flooding at #lga
  12. tomcostellonbc
    FlightStats now says 6100+ flights canceled. #ewr and#phl @phlair most affected. @NBCNews
  13. In Coney Island, NY, reports of mass looting in the aftermath of Sandy
  14. nycarecs
    Police in Coney Island shouting into the radio "mass looting over here." Other precincts helping out. #nyc
  15. GovernorCorbett
    Just finished a phone call with POTUS who understands PA is feeling effects of #HurricaneSandy
  16. mitchellreports
    Red Cross tells us grateful for Romney donation but prefer people send money or donate blood dont collect goods NOT best way to help #Sandy
  17. MikeBloomberg
    The best thing New Yorkers can do to help right now is stay off the roads to allow recovery crews to do their
  18. MikeBloomberg
    Our two biggest challenges: getting our transit system and power grid up and running:
  19. President Barack Obama getting the latest update from officials early Tuesday from the Situation Room of the White House.
  20. GovChristie
    On conf call with POTUS discussing post-Sandy cleanup efforts in partnership with the feds. He is instructing Gov't to lean forward to help.
  21. NYGovCuomo
    Gov: limited bus service will start at 5PM, no fares today #Sandy @MTAInsider
  22. NYGovCuomo
    .@JoeLhota: Water is up to the ceiling at South st station #Sandy
  23. NYGovCuomo
    MTA's Joe Lhota: This is the worst damage we have ever seen to the MTA system #Sandy
  24. nydailynews
    .@NYGovCuomo says JFK will likely reopen tomorrow; does not expect LGA to reopen by tomorrow due to damage #Sandy
  25. nydailynews
    UPDATE ON NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER: As of 11 a.m. there were still 40 patients waiting to be transferred
  26. NYCMayorsOffice
    Mayor: We've tested NYC drinking water and it's completely safe. #Sandy
  27. NYCMayorsOffice
    Mayor: all @NYCSchools will be closed again tomorrow.#Sandy
  28. NYCMayorsOffice
    All East River bridges are now open: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and Ed Koch Queensboro bridges all open. #Sandy

  29. ossining_boat
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  30. : Photo of a boat on the tracks at Metro-North's Ossining Station, after .
  31. NYCMayorsOffice
    Mayor: Make no mistake, this was a devastating storm. Our first responders have been doing a heroic job.#Sandy

  32. yfrog Photo : Shared by YPGoldfeder
  33. Rockaway, Queens RT : Debris and pieces of the boardwalk destroyed homes and property in Rockaway 
  34. breakingstorm
    New Jersey Gov Chris Christie on seeing aerial photos of Jersey Shore: 'The devastation is unthinkable' -@NYTMetro
  35. GovChristie
    There are currently 2.4 million households without power, twice the number from Irene. #Sandy
  36. CoryBooker
    Newark Airport is closed to all flights. About 60 stranded passengers are left and being well taken care of by airport personnel.

  37. The street collapsed. #sandy

  38. Rainbow touches down in lower Manhattan #hurricane #sandy
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  39. More damage in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

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