Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Found some Flickr Pic's with personal views. Enjoy

I know I said no  more pic, but I found these with a human touch, not a news photographer.


 Uploaded on Oct 30, 2012
Jackson Heights, Queens the morning after Hurricane Sandy passed over NYC.

Rain, Flood and Roosters. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Midtown Reflection. Butts and sky.


  Mike Druckenbrod


Hurricane Sandy saying hello to the Kitty Hawk Pier

Picture taken Saturday October 27 as Hurricane Sandy approaches. This is the Kitty Hawk Pier that is currently on the storm news from The Weather Channel.
Unfortunately my Outer Banks photo shoot had to end a couple days early as we decided to "Get out of Dodge"


A Hurricane Sandy rain band over the town of Kitty Hawk NC

Looking south from the Kitty Hawk Pier. This was shot near mid-day, Saturday October 27, 2012.

By Hazboy Ricky

A picture of the Seaside (NJ) amusement pier before Hurricane Sandy (part 1 of 2)

I took this picture when Tricia visited me last year from Colorado. I had not been to Seaside in a few years and coming back here with her brought back a lot of great memories. I spent a lot of time here as a kid, and in my teens and twenties. Besides the rides, there is a long boardwalk with the arcade games, the ice creams and custards and the seaside bars if you want to have a beer while enjoying a beautiful summer day or night.
This pier is now gone. It went into the ocean overnight. Look at the white building on the right look at the next picture.
I took this picture from the boardwalk which overlooks the beach. You will see in the next photo what part of the boardwalk now looks like after Sandy pushed through

A picture of the Seaside (NJ) amusement pier after Hurricane Sandy (part 2 of 2)
There is nothing more to say. I got choked up just comparing my previous picture of what it looked like just yesterday and for years before.
Now that pier (and much of the Seaside Boardwalk) is damaged or completely gone.

 By Lou Prosperi 3rd.


The rise of the Toms River after Hurricane Sandy

Amazing shots of the Toms River water rise after Hurricane Sandy about a 1/2 mile down the road from our house. It is very scary to see these images on television over the years, and then have it happen in your own town!




Hurricane Sandy damage around our community in Beachwood

Pictures of storm damage from around our small community here in Beachwood, New Jersey. These are only a few of the many trees into houses etc.. it was not really safe to ride around at this point too many wires down and other obstacles!


By NYC Streamline


A State Of Emergency Exists In New York City.

Pictured here are downed trees and power lines presenting a serious danger to residents in Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
Many neighborhoods are still without power, and the death toll is rising as people are found drowned in their own homes - especially in communities located close to beaches and bays which went underwater during the storm's surge.
Subways, buses, bridges, tunnels, schools, businesses, etc. are still closed.
The World's largest Financial District remains shut as portions of Lower Manhattan are still under water.
Seeping gas and exposed electrical wiring has touched off fires in water in neighborhoods throughout the Boroughs.

A State Of Emergency Continues In New York City.
The power of Hurricane Sandy took down this tree, which in turn took down a street light and destroyed several parked cars in Sunnyside, Queens, New York.
The City is still reeling from the effects of this "Superstorm."

Gantry Plaza State Park.
Gantry Plaza State Park, along the Queens side of the East River, in Long Island City, Queens, New York.
For images of this beautiful park prior to sustaining damage from Hurricane Sandy, check Wikipedia: "Gantry Plaza State Park."
This photo was taken before Manhattan lost power below 34th Street.

From Brian's Lens

Hurricane Sandy 04a - Brigantine - North End Seawall
Picture taken from the boardwalk on top of the seawall at the north end of the island at low tide on Sunday afternoon, 36 hours befor Hurricane Sandy is expected to cross over. I expcet now at the time I am posting this that the water is topping the seawall.

Hurricane Sandy 04c - Brigantine - North End Seawall
True to my prediction on my picture from the seawall yesterday, the waves are topping the seawall. This picture was tweeted at 2 pm Monday. But the good news is that there is not much water in the street (yet) despite the picture allegedly showing the water coming around behind the seawall at the end of the street (probably ablut a blick to the left off the frame of this picture.

Hurricane Sandy 07 - Brigantine - Liighthouse Circle
Wicked Awsome picture of what is currently happening in Brigantine. This picture was tweeted at 2 pm on Monday. It is a picture of the new CVS at the Lighthouse Circle in the center of town (the Lighthouse is in the upper left edge of the picture). I suspect that this water is all flooding from the bay which is pretty close to the Lighthouse at this point. Yoiu are looking towards the bay, which is about a block behind the lightouse

photoHurricane Sandy 02a- Aatlantic City & Brigantine - The Calm Before the Storm
View from South end of Brigantine Island towards Atlantic City on Sunday afternoon. The new $2.5 billion Revel casino towers above the northern end of the Boardwalk. This portion of Atlantic City is experiencing major flooding, and parts of the Boardwalk have been sighted floating down Atlantic Avenue

Hurricane Sandy 01c - Brigantine - Absecon Inlet
View over the decks of the two very large houses on Sunset Circle looking out over Absecon Inlet towards Atlantic City during Hurricane Sandy. Their two decks meet in a point at the corner 25 feet from the jetty (breakwater). The white deck (left) is parallel to the ocean, the pink deck (right) is parallel to the inlet. Look at the map to get a sense of how exposed this area is. The wind and waves are usually coming towards the photographer (from that point in Atlantic City, across the inlet, to Brigantine) and that is what you are seeing here.


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