Thursday, October 11, 2012

‘Barbarella’ at 45: David Hurn’s Iconic Images

 of Jane Fonda

 | By Tara Godvin

I remember watching this movie, and it was rated X,  it is an iconic film.  I have a copy
of this movie, it is one of my favorites. And it took me a while to find that copy it was a cassette and I had it re done as a DVD.  Jane was absolutely stunning in the role. It was a film that was racy for the time.

David Hurn–Magnum
Hurn and Fonda collaborated on this cover image for Newsweek, shot in 1967 in Rome, featuring the actress in a nest next to the headline: "Anything Goes, The Permissive Society." The article hardly mentioned the movie, however, Hurn said.

David Hurn–Magnum
Fonda poses in costume during the filming of Barbarella in 1967 in Rome. Barbarella rose to cult classic status in part because Fonda played it straight, Hurn said. “And because she was very good in playing it straight, it allowed everybody else to be rather bad around her, you know. And I think most of the others around her were rather bad,” he said.

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