Monday, September 3, 2012

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Julián Castro, San Antonio's mayor, is the first Latino keynote speaker in the history of the Democratic National Convention.

A Spotlight With Precedent Beckons a Mayor From Texas

Mayor Julián Castro of San Antonio will give the Democrats’ keynote address, the role that brought national attention to Barack Obama.

With ’08 on Their Minds, Democrats Gather in Charlotte

President Obama’s 2012 convention in North Carolina will be weighed down by four years of politics, wars overseas and promises kept and broken.

As Democratic Convention Nears, Demonstrators Take to the Streets of Charlotte

The list of grievances Sunday included the crackdown on illegal immigrants and foreclosures across the country, but there were fewer protesters than some had anticipated.
John A. Boehner spoke to supporters of Representative Tom Latham in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Mr. Boehner has been on the road relentlessly.

A House Speaker Proves a Mighty Fund-Raiser

John A. Boehner has assisted G.O.P. candidates with what some say is a record amount of money raised by a House speaker, surpassing the former speaker Nancy Pelosi in this cycle.
With Colorado in play in the election, President Obama spoke to an enthusiastic crowd Sunday in Boulder.

Obama Casts Republicans as Stuck in the Past

Following the Republican National Convention, President Obama added a new element to his usual stump speech, describing Mitt Romney and Congressional Republicans as backward-looking.
Representative Paul D. Ryan took the stage at a campaign rally in North Canton, Ohio, in August.

In Swing State, Ryan Shows His Ohio Chops

Representative Paul D. Ryan may live in Wisconsin, but he often uses his college years to highlight his Ohio ties.

Ryan Admits Misstating Marathon Time

Paul Ryan admitted that he got it wrong in talking about his marathon performance.
Mitt and Ann Romney entering a rally on Saturday at Union Terminal in Cincinnati. Midterm gains in Ohio raised Republican hopes for retaking the state in the 2012 presidential election.

In a Tactical Test, Romney Stakes Hopes on Ohio

Mitt Romney’s path to the White House would be severely narrowed without the 18 electoral votes from Ohio, where he continues to trail President Obama in polls.

Parties Do Some Convention Spin on Sunday Talk Shows

President Obama’s aides accused the Republicans of “lies” after their convention, but one of Mitt Romney’s advisers called his speech “a home run.”
Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed more than a dozen firms seeking documents that would reveal details about their tax strategies.

Inquiry on Tax Strategy Adds to Scrutiny of Finance Firms

The New York attorney general is investigating whether private equity firms converted fees into investments to reduce their tax bills, raising pressure on an industry bruised by the campaign season.

Mormon Says Romneys Are Leading Church Into Mainstream

The Mormon church is gaining widespread acceptance in part because of Mitt Romney, another prominent Mormon said on Sunday.
President Obama and Senator Michael Bennet at a Denver fundraiser last year. Mr. Bennet’s team is advising the president on his Colorado campaign.

Obama Takes a Page From an Unexpected Victory in Colorado

President Obama is following the path of Senator Michael Bennet, who defeated a conservative Republican in 2010, a year of struggle for Democrats.
Mitt Romney spoke at a campaign event at Union Terminal in Cincinnati on Saturday.

Road Shows Get Rolling for Romney and Obama

Big crowds cheered both presidential candidates as Mitt Romney began a post-convention tour and President Obama looked ahead to his own convention next week.

Convention Bounce for Romney Looks Modest, So Far

The available polling data does not show a significant advantage for Mitt Romney in the wake of the Republican National Convention.

Top Official at ICE Quits Over Discrimination Claims

Suzanne Barr, the chief of staff to the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, resigned on Saturday after accusations that she had created an office culture hostile to men.
Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey on the floor at the Republican National Convention.

It’s Not All About Him, He Said Often

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey spoke for Mitt Romney in Tampa, Fla., but he had plenty of folks who were just as ready to talk about him.
Fact-checkers said Representative Paul D. Ryan’s speech at the Republican convention contained many questionable claims.

Campaigns Play Loose With Truth in a Fact-Check Age

Recent events in the contest between President Obama and Mitt Romney have raised new questions about whether the political culture still holds any penalty for falsehood.
Clint Eastwood pretended to be speaking with President Obama, seated next to him.

Before Eastwood’s Talk With a Chair, Clearance From the Top

The most bizarre 12 minutes in recent convention history — Clint Eastwood’s rambling appearance — were set in motion by Mitt Romney himself.
People shouted from a porch overlooking floodwaters as Mitt Romney’s motorcade passed through Lafitte, La.

Romney Shows Support in Storm-Battered Bayou

Mitt Romney on Friday toured hurricane-ravaged regions of Louisiana, a visit that seemed intended to convey an unmistakable air of presidential authority.

Obama to Visit Gulf Coast on Monday

Mitt Romney had announced earlier that he will tour the bayou region south of New Orleans today. President Obama will travel there on Monday.

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