Scott Brown speaking at rally.
Scott "no apologies" Brown.
Sen. Scott Brown has definitively answered the question of whether he has any shame. He doesn't. He has a brand new ad out hitting Elizabeth Warren on her claim to be a Native American, pushing an issue her employers have uniformly debunked.
Titled “Got Caught,” the ad features members of the public suggesting the undocumented claim is untrue, with the first speaker calling it “a lie.” [...]
A Globe review of Warren’s legal career, which included two dozen interviews, also found a wide range of professors and administrators who recruited or worked with Warren who said her ethnic background played no role in her hiring.
But he still released this ad. And that's after a week in which Brown has been pummeled for refusing to apologize to the Cherokee nation for the racist behavior of some of his senior staff at a recent rally. And after his only public statement on that event was basically to blame Elizabeth Warren for making claims that forced his staff to be racist assholes.

Now, because he has absolutely nothing else to run on and refuses to engage on his record or on the issues, he's pushing the Native American thing, again. He's trading away his only advantage in this race—his image as a good guy—for cheap hits.
That's truly a sign of a desperate, losing politician. Not to mention a colossal asshole.