Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Images Appear To Show Ambassador Stevens After Attack On Libya Embassy (GRAPHIC)


WARNING: Contains disturbing content. Discretion advised.
After violent assailants killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens last night in Benghazi, new photographs appear to show civilians dragging his unconscious body away from the embassy.
The rioters are reported to have fired gunshots and rocket-propelled grenades at the consulate, angered over an English-language film that mocked the Muslim prophet Muhammad and labeled him a fraud. Twenty attackers stormed the U.S. consulate, burning down at least one building. Stevens reportedly died of “suffocation” when his car was attacked by a rocket-propelled grenade at the embassy.
According to the Getty caption for the image below, the photo shows Libyan civilians attempting to help Stevens following the overnight attack.
A second image was posted by Getty, again captioned as Libyan civilians helping an unconscious man identified as 52-year-old Christopher Stevens:
Both photos via AFP/Getty Images

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    Coffeybrook  2 minutes ago

    I get free speech. But it's best tempered with judgment. Who benefits, other than people with insatiable curiosity for the prurient, from these pictures? Does Steven's family need to have these as their last images of him?
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      FirebrandTX  an hour ago

      I really hope that his children, nieces/nephews, parents, or siblings don't see this. It's in bad taste and form. Should you be allowed to show it? Yea. But "should" you this soon before we even know if all the family knows? I guess you thought the answer was yes.
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        codenamehere  an hour ago

        What is the need to post these?
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          GlenWishard  2 hours ago

          RIP, J. Christopher Stevens. He was a career diplomat, not a political creature who got his post by fundraising for some politician. Hopefully future president of all parties will remember that US Ambassador is an important and dangerous job, not a reward for cronies.

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          neo_chimp  5 hours ago

          I took a passing glance--I felt like I should and I shouldn't at the same time. My stomach lurched. So rioters dragged his body into the street and some other LIbyans tried to help him? I'm not clear on exactly what is depicted in the photos, but I do know that no one, especially a well-meaning diplomat deserves to be murdered and desecrated in that manner
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            Greyhound  4 hours ago

            This war is never going to end until one of us is dead...Nuke them!
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              kate_middleton  5 hours ago

              Helping him? Not too sure about that. This is horrible....shades of Mogadishu. Arab spring not working out so well.
              May he, and the others killed, rest in peace.
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                Rich Jon  3 hours ago

                These images are making my blood boil so much I can hardly contain myself.
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                  wakeupamerica333  2 hours ago

                  Are they helping him or parading him? I guess for the Obama admin it would help them if they were helping him. Maybe that's the reason for the spinning. You think?
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                    BillBuckley  5 hours ago

                    Why are these being posted right now? Are you out of your mind? Disgusting.
                    Take this post down.
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                      Art Stewel  4 hours ago  parent

                      Keep them up. Let the world see this atrocity for exactly what it is. War against America. Death to Americans. You want filters? Put on the mainstream media.
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                      ChuckSacramento  4 hours ago  parent

                      Agree, at the least they should have blurred out his face and provided a link for those who choose to view it, out of respect for him and his family. There's obviously a lot of partisan and political overtones in discussions of the issues around this - but irregardless of the party in power or policies of the US or circumstances in the middle east, or Libya specifically, four public servants of the United States lost their lives in an act of violence, and should be honored and mourned.
                      Condolences to the families involved, as well as all others directly effected by the senseless loss of persons from the diplomatic corps, and those who support them.
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                      twostellas  2 hours ago

                      Helping him? Yeah, ok, right.
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                        Kate Henderson  2 hours ago

                        If they are "helping" him, why do they all have their cell phones out? Get a clue. They were posing his body for pictures. We've seen this before. The administration and the media are trying to spin this because the truth would require a military response.
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                          2ndcomingofISA  4 hours ago

                          Nuke mecca, end islam
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                            Therealdealtruth  3 hours ago  parent

                            Why don't we just nuke all 2 billion of them? God you people are stupid. You can't nuke an ideology. You can't bomb a religion. And you are living proof that you can't cure stupid.
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                              roafer  3 hours ago  parent

                              Too bad you're too stupid to know how stupid you are.
                              Talk about insane, do you even know what kind of backlash and aftermath that would create.
                              Dumb baggers.

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