Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mitt Romney, Pres. Obama  Address Annual Clinton Global Initiative Meeting

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

President Obama and Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney addressed the 8th Annual Clinton Global Initiative Meeting in New York City on Tuesday. 

The Initiative brings together "world leaders in government, business, philanthropy, and civil society who gather each year to create and implement solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges."

President Obama and Governor Romney addressed separate sessions on the annual meeting's final day.  Mitt Romney spoke during the morning sessionand later President Obama addressed the afternoon session.

Former President Bill Clinton, who established the Global Initiative in 2005, introduces both President Obama and Mitt Romney.

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Clinton (William J.) Foundation | Clinton Global Initiative

Mitt Romney spoke at the 8th annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting. He outlined his new foreign aid plan, "Prosperity Pacts." The program would create partnerships between the federal government and small- and medium-sized businesses to remove barriers to trade and investment in Middle East and developing nations. In exchange those countries would receive monetary assistance for institutions that promote individual freedoms and legal principles.
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Romney At Clinton Global Initiative: I’m Waiting For That Bill Clinton ‘Bounce’

On Tuesday, Mitt Romney spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative, receiving a warm welcome from former President Bill Clinton. Taking the podium, Romney joked that he was waiting for his Clinton “bounce.”
In his introduction, Clinton spoke about the Americorps legislation he passed, noting that he used Romney’s program in Massachusetts as a model.
As Romney took his place behind the mic, he joked, “If there’s one thing we’ve learned this election, by the way, it is that a few words from Bill Clinton can do a man a lot of good.”
“All I gotta do now is wait a couple of days for that bounce to happen,” he added.
Romney’s speech at the CGI took place a few hours before the president gave his own speech at the conference.

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