Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chuck Todd Notes Obama’s ‘Weird’ Lack Of Meetings With Other Leaders, Contrasts His Schedule Against Bush’s

Tuesday’s Morning Joe panel focused on the President’s foreign policy, specifically the President’s recent characterization of events in the Middle East as a “bump in the road.” HostJoe Scarborough felt it was a mistake on the President’s part, particularly in light of the recent death of Ambassador Chris Stevens.
While the Washington Post‘s Eugene Robinson agreed that the President hadn’t used the best phrase given the gravity of the situation, he felt that the President had been trying to say that “at least we have policy right long term.”
Scarborough then turned to Chuck Todd to discuss “party hacks” and “sycophants” who had attacked him for criticizing Romney’s press conference Monday.
“It’s stunning,” he said, “how many people in the Romney campaign, at the very top of the Romney campaign, are going, ‘We’ve made a terrible mistake.’” That said, he noted that Obama’s approval numbers are declining. Todd quoted someone else who had sagely noted that “when American lives get lost, Americans tune into foreign policy.”
Todd also shared something interesting — according to George W. Bush‘s schedule in September of 2004, he had one-on-one bilateral meetings with a wide range of countries. “It’s weird” that Obama isn’t doing the same right now, Todd concluded… “and then you’re going on The View.” Scarborough added that Obama “doesn’t seem to want to” build relationships with foreign leaders.
Watch, courtesy of MSNBC:
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