Friday, August 3, 2012

Isaac Anthony is mad as hell about the idea of four more years with President Barack Obama, and he's fixin' to not be taking it anymore.
Anthony is the conservatively adorable, liberally mockable tiny tyke behind "6-Year-Old Gives 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama!," a snappy little video put together by Patriot Update, a publication that bills itself as "Free Press for the Conservative Revolution."
Anthony's parents lined him up in front of a barbed-wire fence so that he could deliver his doctrine to the masses:
  • "He takes money from people who work hard, and he gives it to the people who don't work at all."
  • "He makes everybody wait in a long line to see the doctor."
  • "He thinks babies are a burden."
  • "He wants to keep people on welfare and food stamps so that they'll vote for him."
  • "He doesn't want Americans to drill for oil or mine for gold."
  • "He lets bad guys into our country."
  • "He wants to take guns away from good guys."
  • "Mr. and Mrs. Obama are not proud of America, but I am."
  • "He bows down to leaders from other countries—embarrassing."
  • "Nobody knows where he came from!"
The video's been quite popular as far as visibility goes. Since posting onto YouTube on Sunday, "10 Reasons" has already racked up more than 105,000 views.
But not everybody has been supportive of little Anthony's message—conservative Americans included. Over 1,250 people have disliked the video, while only 520 have cast their support.
"I'm a republican and I disapprove of this message," YouTuber animalman38 wrote in the video's comments. "Stop brainwashing and exploiting your kids and your personal political agenda. Let him be a kid and grow up to make his own decisions on politics."
"I think it is exploitation of kids either way," added todeck. "Its not cute or uplifting when adults from either party/ideology encourage or force children to do something they don't fully understand."
It's true that Isaac Anthony might not "fully understand" what goes on around the White House and Capitol Hill, but based on the way he grabs his toy pistol at the :59 mark, you'd be safe betting on the fact that this kid is not psyched to have a president who believes in the virtues of gun control.

Surinder Bratch · Seattle, Washington
Ten reasons NOT to vote for Republicans 
* They suck up all the money in my country for the wars 
* They want to throw poor Americans under the bus 
* They want to pollute the earth ruthlessly 
* They think they can bomb anyone in the world without any accountability 
* They want to give guns to our kids 
* They want to cut off funding for schools 
* They want to take away rights from American people to challenge corporate exploitation 
* They want to deny women the choice of pregnancy 
* Worst of all, they think they are the only Americans. 
I would much rather live like a human being sharing the planet with the rest of the world instead of supporting a group who wants to exploit everybody else in the world. Long Live Peaceful America!

Brenda Woodard ·  Top Commenter · WSU, Washington
How truly sad that that child has been lied to! His treasonous words are appalling. The poor child is completely brainwashed; President Obama has LOWERED taxes on middle class families! His medical plan taxes at 1% income OVER $200,000 that has NOT been taxed! All of the families who earn less than 200K yearly have already been taxed at around 17% BUT if you make a lot more money you are NOT taxed on that extra income. Everyone needs to pay their FAIR SHARE, that is NOT taking money from the working and giving it to the unemployed, the child is repeating lies. There is NO "welfare" people anymore, there are time limitations and work requirements that is the truth and perpetuating these lies just breeds hate, proven by this foul mouthed twit!
Notice that every line item is a lie? an outright lie! And seriously we need to teach our children about other cultures, bowing is a form of respect, just like Bush held hands with the Saudis, if a leader from another country refused to shake hands with our president we would offended, the same applies when our president visits another country, if bowing is the greeting then our leaders should bow.
Everyone knows Obama was born of a Kansas woman living in the state of Hawaii!
I am embarrassed that this child is so brainwashed and people support his asinine lies!

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