Monday, August 27, 2012


On last evening's program, a clip was shown of Mitt Romney saying he needed 50.1 percent to be elected. Both Ms. Maddow and Mr. Hayes agreed a few minutes later in their talk-back session, (Probably the only time that's going to happen). All three are incorrect. Mitt Romney needs 271 electoral votes to become the next president. Albert Gore had way more than 50.1 percent of the vote in 2000 - and it meant nothing. With the voter fraud machinations in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, Romney can get there. Playing with votes is what American elections are all about, and probably always have been. This is why Romney and his party have no concern for the sloppy campaign they've run so far: One day it's okay to talk about his business background, the next day it's not; it's always fair for the candidate or his wife to talk about his taxes, but not anybody else; it's fair to say your a resident of Massachusetts when you put Utah down on your income tax. It doesn't matter: what matters is getting minority voters off the ballot, intimidating voters at the polls, changing early voting laws, disenfranchising former felons from voting -- and always, always, always show that you are a white man fighting for the power of white voters to dictate limited rights of citizenship to non-whites. (I'm white, by the way). Control, control, control -- that's what American democracy is becoming, especially this year: the republican governors control their states votings; the RNC controls the convention, Adelson and the Coke brothers control Romney. I'm surprised no republican has yet said, regarding the rest of us, 'let them eat cake.' I really wish they'd get to that part because, after Marie Antoinette said it, heads began to roll.

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