Friday, August 24, 2012

Empire State Building shooting

NBC News confirms the gunman who opened fire at the Empire State Building is dead. NYPD reports at least four people have been shot outside the building. Below is a collection of images from users in and around the area of the Empire State Building. Latest updates will be at the top of the page.
  1. tstrahan4NY
    Statement from the Empire State Bldg after today's shooting: "The building is fully operational at this time"

  2. Spanishfli9
    Watching the copters over the ESB madness on a Friday morning

  3. EvErskine
    Mayor @MikeBloomberg about to brief media on Empire State Building shooting watch live on

  4. ShanHalligan
    Many people trying to cross 5th ave or enter building. Police not letting anyone through. #ESBshooting #WWLP

  5. ShanHalligan
    Large crowds gathered near 33rd and 5th ave where police have blocked off entrance to Empire State Building. #WWLP
  6. NBCNews
    Gunman was fired from job yesterday, returned to scene today to target his boss, local/federal officials say @NBCNewYork #ESBshooting

  7. Not my type of photography but I feel it's very important to share. Here is the scene of today's shooting at the Empire State Building. Thoughts and prayers for the victims.
  8. kwelkernbc
    According to a White House Official: President Obama was notified about the shooting shortly after 9:30am by Homeland Security Adviser.

  9. katcreag4NY
    FBI on scene of shooting at #ESB. Suspected gunman is deceased, on sidewalk #NBC4NY

  10. Heartbreaking day in #nyc. 3 blocks south of the #esb.
  11. NBCNews
    .@NBCNewYork confirms two people have died in the Empire State Building shooting, the suspect and a bystander. #ESBshooting

  12. AdamGabbatt
    Public looking south down 5th Ave outside #ESB - towards scene.

  13. SteveFiz
    Update from 34th St, NYPD seem to have things under control, but no clear picture of the scene yet #empirestate
  14. NBCNews
    .@NBCNewYork's @Jonathan4NY reports shooter a disgruntled employee from a business inside Empire State Building #ESBshooting

  15. ScottMAustin
    Chaos at Empire State Building
  16. joyousash
    @chetmancini right outside our front door. 34th and 5th. Sounds like 7 were shot & the shooter was shot by NYPD

  17. jasonoh
    fired esb guide came back and opened fire, killing 4 & injuring others
  18. NBCNewYork
    #BREAKING: 2 shot outside Empire State Building. |

  19. NYCphotos
    There was a shooting in front of the Empire State Building around 9 am. We heard it from the M34 bus at 5th Ave.

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