Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) praised Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan on Friday, lauding the Wisconsin congressman as a "spokesman of hard truth against fakery."
Simpson, who co-chaired President Obama's commission on debt and deficit reduction with Erskine Bowles, said during an appearance on Fox News that Ryan "encourages" him.
"Erskine [Bowles] and I felt he was one of the sharpest guys we dealt with," Simpson said. "He doesn’t have to have a staff member there feeding him stuff and little memos. He can go a half an hour without a note. He knows the issues.”
“He also said to us -- I think a year and a half ago -- you know, 'If we can’t get something done in America, there’s no need for me to smash my head into the wall around here, I have things to do back in Wisconsin,'" Simpson said. "And now, this thing comes to him, I don’t think he was seeking it, but let me tell you, he becomes a spokesman of hard truth against fakery."
Simpson, who is known for his colorful political commentary, also had some choice words for his former congressional colleagues. The former senator expressed doubts that Congress would reach compromise on the looming "fiscal cliff" before November's election.
"These guys will do nothing, either party, nothing, just B.S. and mush, the whole way through," he said. "Then, between the Nov. 6 and Dec. 31, they’re going to be really mucking around in 5 to 7 trillion bucks of quicksand. And it will have to be discussed."