Monday, July 9, 2012

Middle-Class Promise Gap: Unemployment [Infographic]

President Obama’s advisers said the stimulus would lower the unemployment rate from 7.8% to 5.6% by mid-2012. Today, the unemployment rate is 8.2%.
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President Obama promised he would lower unemployment, but today unemployment is at 8.2%. Reblog this infographic if you’re ready to get America back on track.
This is not a venn diagram.
oh god im not even a statistician but this hurts to look at
Dan Amira at NY Mag is way ahead of us:

Romney Staffer No. 1: I got it! We’ll illustrate the “Middle-Class Promise Gap on Healthcare” with a Venn diagram!

Romney Staffer No. 2: But … how? I don’t even think that’s possible.

Romney Staffer No. 1: In the left circle we’ll put the promise, in the right circle we’ll put the reality, and in the middle, the difference between the two.

Romney Staffer No. 2: Yeah, like I said, that doesn’t work. You see, in a Venn diagram …

Romney Staffer No. 1: Shut up, Larry! You’re always bossing me around and telling me why my Venn diagrams don’t make any sense! Um, actually, the Venn diagram was founded in 1805 by Lord Venn at the — I can’t take it anymore! It’s bullshit!

Romney Staffer No. 2: Okay, jeez, stop crying. You can do the Venn diagram.

Romney Staffer No. 1: [Sniffles.] Thank you.

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