Sunday, July 8, 2012

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.
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    • Depot Cat
      ‎"And the government running all of our healthcare is going to make the system more efficient?" I love how people are making themselves look stupid by regurgitating Republican talking points... If Obamacare meant that the government was running all of our healthcare system, do you really think that it would have been a creation of the right-wing Heritage Foundation? That Massachusetts would have passed--and Governor Romney would have approved--an extremely similar version of it? So similar that MA is exempt from ObamaCare? ObamaCare will eventually SAVE taxpayers money unless everyone suddenly stops filing their taxes to avoid being taxed for not having purchased health insurance. THAT is how it forces the uninsured to buy insurance so that the rest of us are not paying for it with tax dollars when they go to the ER. Its not actually ObamaCare anyway, its The Affordable Health Care Act. The sooner that the right starts referring to it by its correct name the less embarrassing damage they will do to the Republican party. But maybe its too late for that.

    • Depot Cat ‎"it is important to differentiate between opinion commentary and news--this cartoon does not." Neither does Fox. The same could be said for many in left-leaning 'news' but it is not nearly as bad as Fox. (and btw, You could remove the cartoon as the 'Liberal Consipiracy' panel pretty much says the same thing)

    • Stephen Bonser Where is the outrage over a foreign national waltzing into the U.S. and taking over the political dialog with lies and radical propaganda? In most real democracies that person would be shunned and put out of business.

    • Mary Spradling Ferguson No people believe it, it's still a lie!

    • David Woolbright Dont be a fool

    • Rick Stephens Entertainer
      Democrats during Woodrow Wilson & FDR'S reign of socialism perfected propaganda and MSNBC has kept their dream and legacy alive. Fox News is the only news agency I trust for factual news. Now granted they do repeat the same news on every show they have but better that than the lies of MSNBC and the other government news programs. It is sad to see so many drones created by the liberals and progressives. I pray the TEA Party can take it back.

    • Robert L Walls This works very well on people that do not watch FOX, The ones that do watch it instantly know that everything but the cartoon is BS.

    • Dick Bigelow My favorite was Fox blaming the President for high gas prices, and then when they went down wondering on the air if it was a "bad thing". Canada won't even allow them to broadcast as a news network. You morons who love FOX are the most gullible sheep on the planet.

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