Monday, July 2, 2012

CUT, CAP, AND BALANCE: A Fiscal Year 2013 Budget
H.Con.Res. 113
RSC Chairman Jim Jordan, RSC Budget & Spending Taskforce Chairman Scott Garrett, and the entire RSC Budget and Spending Taskforce have introduced “Cut, Cap, and Balance: A Fiscal Year 2013 Budget” (H.Con.Res. 113).

The RSC’s FY 2013 budget proposal balances the budget in 5 years.

Rsc Budget Cut Cap and Balance--long Doc--final

Specifically, it…

  • Cuts discretionary spending to $931 billion (slightly below the 2008 levels approved by Nancy Pelosi), and freezes it until the budget balances in 2017. Defense spending is the same as the House Budget Committee proposal. Non-defense shrinks from $377 billion in FY 2013 to $329 billion in FY 2022.
  • Protects defense from sequestration by switching the scheduled cuts to non-defense discretionary this year and going forward.
  • Creates a simpler, flatter, and fairer tax code as proposed in the RSC’s Jobs Through Growth Act.
  • Extends federal funding for Medicaid & CHIP at current FY 2012 levels and gives states the tools they need to design and improve their own programs, as proposed in the RSC’s State Health Flexibility Act.
  • Budgets responsibly for federal welfare programs by returning spending for these programs to pre-recession levels once unemployment drops to 6.5%, as proposed in the RSC’s Welfare Reform Act.
The budget also proposes reforms to strengthen Social Security and Medicare over the long-term while making no changes for people currently age 55 and older.

Specifically, this proposal…

  • Transitions Medicare to a solvent premium-support system, as proposed by the House Budget Committee. This plan provides Medicare enrollees a greater menu of choices including staying with the current system, harnessing the power of competition among private insurance plans and improving the quality of care.
  • Gradually realigns the Social Security eligibility age with Americans’ increasing longevity. The threshold for eligibility would increase by 2 months per year, beginning with people born in 1958 and after.
Additional Documents:
The Budget (above), Two-Page SummaryBudget Presentation, Legislative Text

Republican Study Committee Proposal for Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

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Letter of Support:
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste: Letter of Support
American Family Business Institute: Letter of Support
FreedomWorks: Letter of Support
Let Freedom Ring: Letter of Support
National Taxpayers Union: Letter of Support
Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee: Letter of Support
Americans for Limited Government: Letter of Support
Americans for Tax Reform: Letter of Support
Americans for Prosperity: Letter of Support
The Carleson Center for Public Policy: Letter of Support
The Club for Growth: Letter of Support
Coalitions for America: Letter of Support
60 Plus Association: Letter of Support
Tea Party Express: Letter of Support
National Tax-Limitation Committee: Letter of Support
Tradition, Family & Property: Letter of Support
Freedom Action: Letter of Support
Council for America: Letter of Support
Americans for Sovereignty: Letter of Support
Capitol Hill Prayer Alert: Letter of Support
Christian Coalition of America: Letter of Support
Republican National Policy Committee: Letter of Support
The Mommy Lobby: Letter of Support
ANCIR: Letter of Support
Less Government: Letter of Support
The Heartland Institute: Letter of Support
Liberty Counsel: Letter of Support
Liberty Counsel Action: Letter of Support
Liberty Center for Law and Policy: Letter of Support
Maryland Center-Right Coalition: Letter of Support
American Council for Immigration Reform: Letter of Support
Family PAC Federal: Letter of Support
Patriotic Veterans: Letter of Support

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