Friday, July 20, 2012

Brainwashed Blacks on the Democrat's plantation?

One of the main, political criticisms of African-Americans is the conventional wisdom that approximately about 90% of the entire Black vote routinely goes in favor of the Democratic Party, and that didn’t just start with the emergence of Barack Obama the candidate. Nevertheless, the argument could be made that there is significantly more left wing, pro-Black, anti-Democratic Party chatter now than there has been in a very long time. African-Americans in general loved President Bill Clinton back during the 1990’s, and it certainly does not strike my recollection that there was nearly as much overt negativity towards the Democratic Party being initiated then, specifically by other non-conservative, Black, leadership voices.
Usually the only real, boisterous complaints over the consistent, Black, voting block of the Democratic Party was distributed by conservatives/Republicans. Recently, Congressman Allen West and former, presidential nominee Herman Cain voiced their extreme displeasure at the African-American community’s loyalty to the Democratic Party. On Bill O’Reilly’s show the Factor,West told Laura Ingram that there is ‘this 21st century plantation that’s been out there, where the Democrat Party has forever taken the Black vote for granite, and you have established certain Black leaders who are nothing more than the overseers of that plantation.’ And then, there is Cain who said: “I left the Democrat plantation a long time ago!” He also said that over half of all Black voters have been brainwashed into supporting the Democratic Party, because not enough Blacks are thinking for themselves.
Now enter Rob Redding the Independent of the Redding News Review, who has made it a point to use his radio show and books that he has written like Where’s The Change? to voice almost the precise ideology of Cain and West—the ideology that more than suggests that too many African-Americans are indeed running around the Democratic Party’s plantation brainwashed.
So if you really want to break it down to the unabashed minimum, here is the bottom line to what is being said about President Obama and the Democrats, once you combine the comments of West, Cain and Redding. Basically the argument is suggesting that unbeknownst to many of the brainwashed, Black slaves who willingly and happily put on and keep on the Democratic Party shackles, somewhere off in the distance of the great, racist, American plain there is this huge, antebellum plantation, which is now owned by the Clintons, and their top overseer is this housenegro named Barack Obama, who is just light-skinned enough to pass the ‘paper bag test’, and it is his job to keep the field negroes pacified with welfare wine, cognitively immobile, and apathetically opposed to real change.
Now all of that sounds very harsh, but there is no other way to put it in simple enough terms where the real point is visible enough for all to see and consume. With statements like Senator HarryReid’s words when he described Obama as a "light-skinned, African-American who didn't have a ‘Negro dialect’, unless he wanted to have one," and Joe Biden’s statement when he described Obama by saying: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African American [Barack Obama] who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy," it is demonstrably apparent that there is some level of racism in both political parties and in all parties, and that’s the ugly truth.
And while two wrongs don’t make a right, it’s also true that all wrongs are not created or manifested equally. If the Democrats have truly failed the Black community, then the conservative/Republican/Tea Party brand has not only failed the Black community, but it has totally abandoned it, which brings me to my question for Rob Redding as to where politically the Black community can or should go?
Now I understand the points of Herman Cain, Allen West and Rob Redding of keeping the door open to exploring other options, and I agree wholly. By all means, check out the Republican Party, check out the Tea Party, check out the Green Party, check out the Libertarian Party, check out the Realacrat Party, or even the New Black Panther Party.
I watch Fox News everyday, and I learn about the other parties regularly. There is nothing wrong with shopping around, but there are only so many aisles in the store. So before we romp too hard on the narrative of the brainwashed Blacks who are too stupid to come in out of the Democratic downpour of pacification rain, I personally would like to lay some of the blame on the wretched state of our political, choice selections.
Speaking as a former Democrat, although I would never tell anyone to get off of the plantation, it is my opinion that if any of these other parties would sincerely put forth the effort needed to offer a real selection to the Black community, maybe the Black, Democratic trend would change. But during my days as a Democrat, none of the other parties ever showed me much of anything—not the Libertarian Party and certainly not the Republican Party or the Tea Party! What these other parties should try to understand is this. You can’t really recruit the Black community from the safety or the comfort zones of the non-Black community, and that goes for boots on the ground and policies!
It just seems like telling African-Americans to get off of the ‘Democratic Plantation’ can be easily misleading, because it can give the misguided impression that the other plantation right across the street from it is supposedly better, when clearly it is not. What we as the people of this country should do is tell whichever party that is in control that if our needs continue to be thrown on the backburner for the top 1%, big corporations, domestic and abroad; and big money, foreign players; we will start our own party—a people’s party and finance our candidates with our money—no corporate or foreign money allowed. Win, lose or draw; at least we would be sending a clear message to the pied pipers about how tired we are of dancing to their antiquated tunes of ‘one more chance—we’ll get it right this time!’
If we could find a candidate gutsy enough to run with it, and if we could find the political will to get behind it, we might finally be able to do some actual damage to the systemic corruption of politics overall, from Washington D.C. to your home state and even in your hometown!
But until then, people can get off of the ‘Democratic Plantation’ all they want, but they’ll just be switching one plantation for another plantation. And compared to President Bush 43’s plantation, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s plantation, Florida Governor Rick Scott’s plantation, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s plantation, or former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour’s plantation, the ‘Democratic Plantation’ is not necessarily the worst that you can do. Consider this. If it took centuries for the Democratic 'Plantation' Party to finally muster up enough conviction to put an African-American/non-White candidate at the top of the presidential ticket for the first time in American history and then push that non-White candidate into the White House, what does that say about the convictions of the other parties that are still yet to do it? Doesn't the Democratic Party deserve some credit, if not all of the credit for that?
So as Rob Redding did admit on his radio show recently, right now and only for right now his bestinterests, along with my best interests, lie squarely with President Obama and the Democrats, but this doesn’t mean that either Rob or myself are going back to the exclusivity of the Democratic Party.
For me, it just means that I will swim through high water, jump across high fences, and kick through high weeds just to cast my ballot against the conservative ideology as a whole. And if there just happens to be a Democrat standing right beside me doing the same thing on what many will label as the ‘Democratic Plantation,’ then so be it. When it comes to thwarting the not so subtle, Jim Crow, racism of conservatism, the end justifies the means! Even a brainwashed Black is smart enough to figure that out. Democrats might not always be the best, but conservatives are almost always the worst, and until that dynamic changes my vote and the votes of most African-Americans will probably continue to lean heavily towards the Democrats.

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