Thursday, July 26, 2012

Behind the limits of Syria - a song for the displaced Hraúrna HD

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There are people Istason to oblivion, and the replacement Istason people, and people Istason on separation, 
hugging the sky Hmmanm Hmokha IPA and 
steadfast like mountains .. Not only bow to God 
is not totally immersed flood, no matter how overwhelmed and rose 
not shake no matter how battered and wind intensified 
and all those people are you, the people of a national free Syria .... O 
You who Adhishtm Besmodkm the whole world in front of the legendary machine repression and brutality of merciless old man, or woman, or child ... 
and you know .. Bkivagm the whole universe .. that there is a difference between the death ... and death ... 
What a difference between rights and to die standing tall .. or lying!! 
and the fact no one can withdraw from A freedom that knew how to defend it .. as you do you these days Bostoria impress everyone. 
freedom Liberals are in dignity, which is very expensive ..! 
.. sons of Syria Guala you Kalkhizran, bend .. possible .. But do not be broken. 
and your victory after this patience and jihad. lyrics of the song from the back of your borders Syria passed by my nymph 2 , however, carry a piece of bread and other effects of a fragment from the back of your borders Syriaasked gently from you Do you have books and identity 2 I am the daughter of pride, pottery and men admired the Freedom 2 I am the daughter of the people are free to proclaim the rights of legitimacy I am the daughter of an Arab homeland 2 and my country called Syria, from the back of your borders Syria stripped because I am in my 2 echoed want Freedom 2 burned ground Hanno cross 2 broken games brutally 2 demolished my house were killed by a bullet treachery stamens our club's intention and the Fathers of our Revolution Revolution peaceful 3 do not know whether to cry Daddy 2 Do you cry a homeland and the cause behind your borders Syria Sabra do not cry do not cry Sabra do not cry Staudi Sabra do not cry Staudi home Elmejrouh proud 2 being demolished are free revolted not international resolutions Sabra do not cry Staudi home Elmejrouh proud 2 and shine despite their noses in the Levant suns freedom 3 club with determination and parents of our revolution a peaceful revolution I do not know you cry Father, you cry a homeland and the cause behind your limits Syria from the back of your borders Syria poetess baby princess VIZO composed by Muhannad Abdul Fattah singing nymph Sham / Imad Sultan production Abu Haitham Al Zoubivision and directed by team Syria to work all Syrian4all on Facebook team Syria for all monitoring and translation of more business, please subscribe Besvanna on Facebook

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