Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Wisconsin would like a word with you.

As I type this in New York City, it's 33 degrees and snowing outside, with occasional thunder. Thundersnow, Octobergeddon, lousy weather, freak weather -- whatever this, it's the first real test of whether Occupy Wall Street can hang tough through the winter. New York City officials yesterday upped the difficulty factor, taking away generators and gas canisters used for heating at Zucotti Park.
@grimwomyn tweets the pic above of the media tent, and also that she just saw someone helping an Occupier buy winter clothing. Gear's the thing: What Occupy Wall Street is trying to do has been done before, in colder temperatures and without tents. Remember Walkerville, when they slept out in the cold in Madison, Wisconsin? "There's usually food provided, and blankets, mats and sleeping bags are piled against the building for anyone to use," theIsthmus Daily reported in March, when temps got into the teens. "A tarp is laid on the ground to keep sleepers dry. But the protesters have been denied the use of tents."
Below, a couple of videos show how they did it in Wisconsin. Layer up, Occupy. Wisconsin believes in you
Uploaded by  on Mar 2, 2011After two weeks of labor protests over Gov. Scott Walker's budget "repair" bill, protesters were not allowed back in the building. As a result, instead of sleeping in the Capitol, they slept outside in the Wisconsin winter because they were not allowed back in the capitol without "official business".
Walkerville from luciano M on Vimeo.

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